Olivia Frazer admits to the existence of a sex tape with Jackson

How it went wrong for her and Jackson Lonie.
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While she may be holidaying in the UK, Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer is keeping us entertained with her Instagram Q&As, where she continues to make some surprising – and often hilarious – confessions.

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Speaking to her online audience yesterday, she invited followers to ask questions about her budding OnlyFans career, or whatever else they’d like to know.

“Would you consider doing a sex video?” one person asked.

Olivia laughed, and admitted it was something she’d already tried with her boyfriend, Jackson Lonie.

“We filmed a sex tape before I left Aus, and it was a disaster.” (Credit: Instagram)

“I was never, ever, ever going to let this story see the light of day, but it’s so funny,” she admitted to her fans.

“We filmed a sex tape before I left Aus, and it was a disaster,” she giggled.

“Yes, would consider doing a sex tape, did consider doing a sex tape, did the sex tape and it was a disaster. So, that idea is going back in the drawer,” Olivia confirmed.

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Olivia and Jackson remain strictly monogamous. (Credit: Nine Network)

She also shared more details on the nature of her relationship with Jackson, which Olivia has confirmed is remaining strictly monogamous.

“Would you collab girl, girl on onlyfans in the future?” another fan asked her.

“This is tricky, because I don’t want to say like, ‘I’ll never do that’, and then who knows, in a few weeks, a year, or whatever, I might do it,” she mused.

She revealed that some of her thoughts around her content had already changed since starting the platform a few weeks prior.

“When I started OnlyFans I was like, ‘lingerie only! No nudes’, then it took me like two days and I was like ‘Yeah! Get my t-ts out!’,” she joked.

But for now, collaborations are off the table for herself and Jackson.

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Both Jackson and Olivia create content for OnlyFans. (Credit: Instagram)

Olivia and Jackson, who are the only remaining couple from the most-recent season of Married At First Sight, sparked major backlash with their decision to join the adult content creation website earlier this year.

Olivia was deemed ‘hypocritical’, given a major storyline on MAFS this year was that Olivia allegedly shared a private nude photo taken from the OnlyFans account of fellow bride Domenica Calarco. However, Olivia strenuously denies that this is what happened.

She maintains that the photo of Domenica that was shared was publicly available on both Twitter and Reddit, where Domenica had promoted her own OnlyFans account prior to going on MAFS.

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