EXCLUSIVE: Olympia Valance on isolating with her boyfriend

The actress spills on love, life and her "blessing" of a lockdown
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Actress, model, businesswoman: Olympia Valance’s CV is anything but bare.

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Add into the mix a high-profile relationship with AFL star Tom Bellchambers, an Instagram following of more than 215k fans hanging on her every move plus her recently launched venture, Splash Vodka, and it’s hard to imagine the 27-year-old ever having a spare second to catch her breath.

Like much of the world, when the COVID-19 crisis forced many of us into self-isolation, Olympia had no choice but to slow down, which she admits has led to a “mixed bag of emotions”.

In an exclusive interview with Who, Olympia reveals how she and her boyfriend have been faring while in lockdown, shares her best health hacks and life advice and divulges whether she’d ever take on another reality TV stint.

Olympia Valance
Actress Olympia Valance says lockdown has been a “mixed bag of emotions” for her. (Credit: Instagram)

What’s your ideal way to wind down after a long week? A night out with the girls or a cosy night in with your boyfriend?

Can I pick a mix of the two and say a night in with both? We love having friends over, ordering takeaway and having everyone just milling around the coffee table and relaxing on the couch. I think that’s also the effects of iso talking because I really do love a beautiful meal out too as I’m a massive foodie, but it’s just been so long since I stepped into a restaurant I’ve forgotten what it’s like!

What would your dream date night involve?

Okay well if it’s really a DREAM date night, I’ll go big and say that I would immediately place us over in Mykonos. A sunset dinner just the two of us with a beautiful fresh Greek-style feast, and then a venue change to meet family/friends for cocktails and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. (I’m wiping away my holiday tears as I type this at home on a blisteringly cold Melbourne morning).

Olympia Tom
Olympia’s dream date night would be a sunset dinner in Mykonos. (Credit: Instagram)

Do you have a go-to look for a night out?

It’s absolutely freezing here in Melbourne at the moment, so I would have to say jeans, either heels or boots, paired with a cute top or jumper depending on where I’m going, with an oversized jacket just to get me from house to restaurant to bar. Tonally I tend to stick to blacks and neutrals, and then add a little colour either in my jacket, or makeup wise by adding a red lip.

How have you been spending your time in lockdown and what’s been the most challenging part? And the most rewarding?

My partner and I have mainly been isolating just outside of Melbourne in the Daylesford/Hepburn region, where we bought a place at the end of last year. It’s been such a mixed bag of emotions if I’m being honest. There are days I have absolutely loved doing nothing, and really just teaching myself to slow down.

We’ve been doing some work around the house and on the garden, and our chickens are my new pride and joy! I never normally get this much time at home so that has definitely been a blessing. The slowing down has also been difficult though – I used to get a lot of my energy and motivation from having a super structured routine and running at 100 miles an hour, so it’s required a totally different way of looking at things to keep me positive and upbeat, especially when things start to feel a bit like groundhog day!

Olympia Valance Tom Bellchambers
Olympia and Tom have been self-isolating near Melbourne. (Credit: Instagram)

If you could choose any TV or film project to be involved in, what would it be?

Stunt work is something that I’m just itching to get my hands on, and Harry Potter is a deep deep love of mine too. So anything movie wise in the JK Rowling sphere, where I can potentially also have a crack at a fighting scenes or be up on a broomstick or being whirled around in a harness would be a dream come true.

Would you ever consider another stint on reality TV after Dancing With The Stars?

Look I never say never! Dancing With The Stars was such a positive and life-changing experience for me and I’m so glad I did it. I think being open to whatever possibilities await and whatever the future holds is the best way for me to continue stepping forward in this life.

Olympia Valance Dancing With The Stars
“Never say never!” Olympia (pictured on Dancing With The Stars) admits of another reality TV stint. (Credit: Channel Ten)

What’s your best fitness and health tip when it comes to people juggling a busy lifestyle like yourself?

My tip would be to find a workout that you love, and commit to it. Consistency is key, and realistically you aren’t going to keep showing up if you hate what you’re doing! If running isn’t your thing, commit to a walk a day, if high intensity interval training isn’t your thing, commit to a Pilates class instead. It’s trial and error but once you find something that feels good for you (for you being the most important part, because what works for someone else isn’t necessarily what’s right for you), it’s far easier to create healthy habits and a solid routine. 

Why did you decide to launch Splash Vodka?

Splash has been a work in progress for a really long time, which it makes it all the more exciting that our vodka baby is now out in the world! In terms of the why, I knew that I had always wanted to have a business, something of my own, and something to direct my energy and attention towards when I’m not on set filming. I love to be busy, and I knew I could be utilising the down time between shows far more efficiently. It also required such a different skill set, so creatively it’s been incredibly rewarding.

On a super selfish level, I also created something that I wanted, and that I knew wasn’t out there. I love to have a drink at the end of the day, but I wanted something that contained less sugar than a cocktail and I didn’t feel like the other products on the market were really nailing the brief – I wanted to know exactly what I was drinking, so the natural component was crucial. This is literally a vodka soda in a can, sprinkled with completely natural flavours, no nasties, and no ingredients containing numbers or scientific sounding words you can’t pronounce!

Olympia Valance Splash Vodka
Olympia launched Splash Vodka and admits she wanted a business to work on when she wasn’t on set. (Credit: Supplied)

Do you have any favourite advice you’ve received about how to “make a splash” in life whether it be succeeding in your career, relationships or just “going for it” in general?

Trust your gut and back yourself in. I’m reminded of this every time I don’t listen to my intuition! If you have an idea, or you feel like something within you is edging you towards something, or a voice in your head keeps popping up and quietly telling you to give something a go, do it. Because you’re never going to know unless you try, and no one is going to do it for you! I like to also ask myself: when I’m 80, and looking back at my life, will I regret giving this a go more or less than I would regret not giving it a go? Life is short, we literally get one go at this, be brave.

Olympia Valance
Olympia’s tip for success is “trust your gut and back yourself”. (Credit: Supplied)

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