Pete Davidson no longer to appear in The Kardashians

Kim has hinted that season two will focus on her independence instead...
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Just days out from The Kardashian’s season 2 premiere, Kim Kardashian has hinted to fans about what to expect from the reality TV show. 

And whilst trailers heavily focused on her blossoming relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, her latest comments have left many fans convinced he has been scrapped from the show. 

Watch Below: The Kardashians Season 2 Trailer

While on Good Morning America, Kim shared that fans will be surprised by the new season.

“It’s like a really seriously deep, vulnerable episode that we haven’t talked about,” she explained and although Kim hasn’t shared what the topic will be, she did explain that audiences will see her “making decisions for myself.” 

“Obviously, I’m always thinking about my kids, but generally [I’m] just doing things for myself.”

Kim Kardashian
The new season premieres this week. (Credit: Getty)

Her comments have led many fans to believe the upcoming season will focus on Kim adjusting to single life following her split from Pete – despite the fact early trailers for the show focused heavily on their relationship.

Following news of their split, the latest trailer for the show had noticeably less focus on Pete, leaving many fans curious if he has been cut from the reality show completely. 

“I hope they at least briefly discuss the breakup” shared one fan. 

“They definitely won’t” replied another, “but they’ll allude to it a bunch.” 

“It would be lame if they didn’t show the Pete relationship” confirmed another fan. 

Kim and Pete
Kim and Pete began dating in October 2021. (Credit: Instagram)

Audiences will have to wait until Thursday to find out if Pete will appear in the latest season, there are a number of other storylines fans are eager to watch on the new show. 

The first season of the show ended with Khloé finding out Tristan had fathered another child with an unknown woman – A month after Khloe and Tristan announced that they were expecting a second child via surrogacy. 

It has since been revealed that Khloé has welcomed a son – other details including his name have been sparse and the latest trailers for the show seem to confirm that the shocking storyline will be at the forefront of the show. 

Kourtney and Tristan
Khloé and Tristan have recently welcomed their second child. (Credit: Getty)

When will season two drop?

Season two of The Kardashians has been confirmed to premiere on September 22, 2022, in the US. Given there was no gap between when it aired over there and dropped in Australia, we’re certain we’ll get it on the same day.

Where can I watch The Kardashians?

A Hulu production, The Kardashians is exclusive to Disney Plus in Australia. All of season one is available now, and season two will likely drop weekly episodes once it airs.

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