Fans spot awkward detail that proves Pete Davidson has been cut from The Kardashians

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Fans are speculating that Pete Davidson has been cut from season two of The Kardashians following his split from Kim Kardashian. 

Watch Below: Pete Davidson makes first ‘appearance’ on The Kardashians

The couple were spotted a number of times together in trailers teasing the current season, yet as of November 10, Pete has not appeared. 

In the most recent episode (which you can watch here), the show followed Kim visiting Ripley’s Believe It or Not! To try on Marilyn Monroe’s infamous dress for the Met Gala – an event she appeared at alongside Pete.

In the episode, fans spotted Pete appearing briefly in the background, yet fans know he was more involved thanks to a TMZ video from the same fitting. 

In the TMZ clip from May, Pete couldn’t help but gush over how much he loved the dress, telling Kim, “You’re good. You’re good, relax.”

“The other dress [she was considering] was like a Halloween costume,” he explained. 

Fans have noticed Pete in teh background of Kardashian scenes… (Credit: Instagram)

“Hulu worked really hard to cut Pete Davidson out of The Kardashians. 🤣,” one Twitter user wrote.

They later pointed out that Pete was briefly visible “when Kim put the Marilyn dress on but they cut his head out so you can’t tell 🤣.” 

Another fan added, “Honestly absolutely fuming they’ve cut Pete Davidson out of the new Kardashians season.”

Kim Kardashian
The couple broke up earlier this year. (Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time fans suspected Pete would be cut from the show. Just days out from The Kardashian’s season 2 premiere, Kim Kardashian hinted to fans about what to expect from the reality TV show. 

And whilst trailers heavily focused on her blossoming relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, her comments left many fans convinced he had been scrapped from the show. 

Kim and Pete attended the Met Gala together. (Credit: Getty)

While on Good Morning America, Kim shared that fans will be surprised by the new season.

“It’s like a really seriously deep, vulnerable episode that we haven’t talked about,” she explained and although Kim hasn’t shared what the topic will be, she did explain that audiences will see her “making decisions for myself.” 

“Obviously, I’m always thinking about my kids, but generally [I’m] just doing things for myself.”

Kim Kardashian
One scene from the trailer that showed Pete! (Credit: Hulu)

“I hope they at least briefly discuss the breakup” shared one fan. 

“They definitely won’t” replied another, “but they’ll allude to it a bunch.” 

“It would be lame if they didn’t show the Pete relationship” confirmed another fan. 

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