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Matt Agnew gave cutie Kristen Czyszek the Bachelor boot

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You guys, it’s getting so super serious. 

We are at the very pointy end of this season of The Bachelor, and after tonight’s shocking rose ceremony, there are only five girls left in the running for Matt Agnew’s heart.

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After the wildly dramatic stand-off between Elly Miles and Abbie Chatfield tonight – not to mention Elly’s attempts to sabotage Abbie’s run, picking up where Sogand Mohtat left off and telling Matt Agnew she thinks the 25-year-old is bad news – we saw another fan favourite say farewell.

It was time to go for Kristen Czyszek, who made a big first impression when she spoke in to Matt in Mandarin on their first meeting.

“I’m obviously devastated but I know that whoever you end up with is going to be the most amazing woman in the whole world,” a crushed Kristen told Matt (in English) as he walked her to the waiting car.

“I know who they are and I just wish you all the best and thank you for everything.”

But she was kind of fibbing, sort of, because she said that she knew, she knew, he’d end up with someone “amazing”… but when a producer asked her in the car what she thought of Abbie potentially winning, Kristen replied:

“I feel like Abbie might have bad intentions… Jesus Christ. It was incredibly disappointing to see how she acted tonight and I hope that Matt will be able to see her for who she really is.”

Kristen copped a bit of flack early on for being a bit too into discussing her love for China, the place she’d called home for the past two years.

Matt seemed impressed when she introduced herself in the language upon first meeting him, and to her delight, the astrophysicist thanked her in Chinese.

However, it didn’t take long before Kristen’s peculiar obsession with China began to surface.

While getting to know the hunky Matt and her fellow contestants in the Bachelor mansion, Kristen mentioned China 10 times.

“I’ve been living in China for the past two years,” the bubbly blonde said at one point. “Have you ever been to China? Yeah, no, you have to go to China.”

The researcher’s off-the-shoulder ensemble for her first meeting with Matt was red, which means good luck in Chinese culture. Sadly, the same hue wasn’t enough to keep her in the house after tonight.

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“It’s hard for this to be my goodbye,” Kristen admitted as she left the mansion. 

“It was pretty tough putting myself out there, especially when I’m the one going home tonight.”

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