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Angie’s heartbreak: ‘I made the wrong decision’

The blonde beauty has been left devastated...
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We’re getting to the pointy end of The Bachelorette now – and Angie Kent was feeling the pressure tonight as she farewelled one of her final three.

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In an emotional rose ceremony, Angie gave our the first flower to Carlin Sterritt without too much trouble, following on from their romantic final date. But when it came to choosing between Timm Hanly and Ryan Anderson, the usually bubbly blonde was brought to tears. 

“Just give me a minute,” she sobbed as she walked outside for some air. 

I just keep thinking of the conversation I have to have. When I say it, I feel like I can’t do that,” she told producers, wiping away tears. 

(Credit: Channel 10)

But with crunch time bearing down, Angie had to make a choice. 

Walking back into the ceremony, eyes bleary with tears, the Gogglebox Australia star picked up the second and final rose. 

This is heavy, heavy, heavy. It hurts watching her cry. It’s obviously breaking her heart,” Timm shared in his piece to camera, adding, “I have put everything on the line… If I go home tonight, I’ll be absolutely gutted.”

Ryan – who had told Angie on their final date that he was falling in love with her – was also on tenter hooks waiting to hear his fate.

“I feel like my heart rate’s through the roof. I’m stressed.”

(Credit: Channel 10)

The dramatic pause seemed to go forever until, finally, Angie uttered the words:

“… Timm, will you accept this rose?”

Sobbing as Timm held her, Angie was clearly distressed about the choice she’d had to make, and could barely look Ryan in the eye when she walked him out to the waiting car.

timm angie
(Credit: Channel 10)

I can see how hard it is and I don’t want to make this any harder on you, so just know that I still think the f**king world of you,” a clearly heartbroken Ryan graciously told her. 

“I just wish you all the happiness in the world. Give me a hug.”

Watching distraught as his car pulled away, Angie found herself second guessing her decision.

Why did I do that?” she sobbed to waiting producers.

“Oh, that was the worst. That was the wrong decision. That was not the right decision. That felt awful. I shouldn’t have done that.”

angie crying as ryan leaves
(Credit: Channel 10)

But could she have made a mistake about her eventual winner as well?

Carlin may be tipped to win the final rose on the season finale of The Bachelorette on Thursday, but a new report reveals he wasn’t actually her first choice.

According to New Idea, the former Gogglebox star was initially swept away by Timm’s loveable charm.

“Timm can make anyone laugh whenever he wants and that’s what Angie is looking for,” a source told the magazine.

“All the boys would agree that Timm had the strongest connection with Angie and on a chemistry level, he had it in the bag.”

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