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Uh-oh! Bachelorette hopeful Ryan Anderson is in the doghouse

The boys aren't happy!
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It wouldn’t be The Bachelorette without drama, and it looks like intruder Ryan ‘Aussie Dog Guy’ Anderson found himself squarely at the centre of it all.

Which was, honestly, surprising because he has seemed quiet, nice and fairly unassuming. But he got the other boys in the mansion seriously peeved in episode five after what some would definitely call a ‘dog act’.

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Angie picked Ryan to go on a single date with her, and the pair took on firefighter training drills – putting out literal fires and jumping off literal buildings (albeit with harnesses on, but still, jumping off buildings, you guys.)

They looked into each other’s eyes a whole lot, and it was cute and romantic and Rya got involved in all of the feels. 

I haven’t felt this way before. This is a completely new sensation,” he revealed to camera.

That genuinely could have been the last first kiss.”

Angie Ryan Bachelorette
(Credit: Channel 10)
Angie Ryan Bachelorette
(Credit: Channel 10)

Obviously, this isn’t what the boys had a problem with. That’s what they’re all there for, right? 

No, the drama came later, after Angie and Ryan had returned to the mansion following their date and the cocktail party started. As usual, the guys were taking it in turns to have a quick chat to Angie, while the the two boys who already had roses – Ciarran Stott and Ryan – stayed well clear to let the others have a crack. 

Except… Ryan didn’t stand back.

“Ryan got his one-on-one date with Angie and then swooped straight in before any of the boys have had a chance with her,” a visibly frustrated Ciarran said as he watched Ryan whisk Angie away. 

“I feel a bit bad about it. I have had my time, I’m safe with Angie. They need their time. Don’t be greedy, mate.”

Ciarran unhappy
(Credit: Channel 10)

The rest of the boys weren’t impressed either. 

“Ryan’s come back from an individual date and he’s taken Angie away, and it’s bullshit,” said an angry Jackson Garlick.

“There’s a lot of blokes that have had barely any time with Angie. To see Ryan go up to Angie only a day after getting an individual date and request more time, that really gets blokes fired up.”

And then Ryan whipped out that classic reality TV line that we all love to hear on literally every single reality TV competition ever… 


Shots. Fired.

Ryan not here to make frie4nds
(Credit: Channel 10)

“Let’s not forget this is The Bachelorette, not Let’s Go Make Friends With Everyone In The House,” he quipped to the group of boys asking why he’d do such a thing.

I am making no apologies for how tonight panned out. I’m not here for the boys, I’m here for Angie.”

Bring. It. On.

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