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Who Has Left Big Brother Australia 2023?

Which housemate has left the building?
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Big Brother Australia is officially back for 2023, with the newest season promising new challenges, new rules, and even more drama. 

In a steamy new twist, 15 new singles have entered the Big Brother house to compete for both a $100,000 cash prize and the chance at finding love. 

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After getting off to a somewhat shaky start, with half of the housemates boarding the dilapidated BB Express, the newest Big Brother contestants quickly settled into their new life in the custom Big Brother house under the watchful eye of 80 hidden cameras. 

While some of the housemates instantly formed alliances, and potentially even romances, sadly, not every housemate found their new home and were eliminated from the competition.  

Scroll down to find out who has left Big Brother Australia 2023. 

Which of the housemates has been sent home? (Credit: Seven)

Who has left Big Brother Australia 2023? 

Quan. (Credit: Seven)


After winning the first nomination challenge, Luke was tasked with deciding which three of his fellow housemates he would put forward for elimination. 

“The only thing I can fall back on is connection… My least connection would be with Quan. We actually haven’t chatted too much [and] I don’t see anything magnetic that draws us to each other,” Luke told Big Brother. 

Sadly for Quan, it appeared that her fellow housemates agreed with Luke’s sentiments, with seven housemates voting to send Quan home. 

AnnaSophia. (Credit: Seven)


Following a tense red-buzzer challenge, AnnaSophia was left as one of the final two housemates up for elimination, with a 50-50 chance of elimination tasking the housemates with a high-stakes final vote. 

“The person that I will be voting for tonight is someone that I feel doesn’t appreciate being here as much as they should,” Lewis said, casting his vote to send home AnnaSophia.

Sadly for AnnaSophia, it appeared her fellow housemates shared a similar opinion, with a 10-1 vote in favour of removing her from the competition. 

Annelise. (Credit: Seven)


Following a steamy nomination challenge, housemate Luke musters up the courage to ask out Annelise however, he is rejected. 

Unfortunately for Annalise, Luke’s nomination challenge win placed her among the group of three housemates up for elimination, with Annalise feeling that her nomination came as a result of her friend-zoning Luke. 

After a tense deliberation, eight housemates voted in favour of Annelise leaving the Big Brother house and she was sent home. 

Luke. (Credit: Seven)


During Big Brother’s first mystery box of the season, Taylah revealed that she felt that Luke had been flying under the radar and not connecting with many of his fellow housemates. 

Sadly for Luke, it appeared that his other housemates also felt that he hadn’t fully settled in the house, receiving a vote from every housemate during the eviction nomination. 

After each housemate cast their final vote, Sonia Kruger announced that Luke had been eliminated from the competition with 10 votes. 

Zach. (Credit: Seven)


Following the mystery box challenge, Zach was nominated for elimination alongside Luke, Taylah, and Bella. 

After Dion completed a secret mission to save Taylah from elimination, Zach found himself in the bottom two during the final vote. 

Despite only receiving one vote, Sonia Kruger called a surprise double elimination, with both Luke and Zach being sent home. 

Bella. (Credit: Seven)


During the intense physical endurance challenge, Bella was one of the final two contestants standing, with Ari narrowly taking the nomination challenge win.

With the sisters teaming up to decide their nominations, Ari and Tay put their game strategy into play – nominating Bella, Taylah, and Jake for elimination.

Sadly for Bella, she received the majority of votes from her fellow housemates and left the competition. 

(Credit: Seven)


Following the endurance challenge, Jake teamed up with Graciemae to enact a strategy to break up one of the Big Brother couples, with Jake setting his sights on evicting Teejay. 

After attempting to rally his fellow housemates into his strategic plan, the tables suddenly turned when Big Brother called for a snap eviction. 

While each of the nominated housemates pleaded their case to their fellow contestants, Jake’s words were sadly not enough to keep him in the competition, with the housemates deciding to send Jake home.   

(Credit: Seven)


As an intruder, Oli’s arrival in the Big Brother house was welcomed by many of the housemates, however, for Minee’s beau Louis, Oli’s newfound connection with Minee quickly made him a target for elimination. 

Finally addressing the elephant in the room, Louis and Minee decide to go their own separate ways, with Minee eager to explore her connection with Oli. 

Sadly for Minee, their time together in the house was short-lived, with the girls voting in favour of Oli’s eviction during the final vote which sadly eliminated him from the Big Brother house. 

(Credit: Seven)


Following a shock double elimination, the housemates were again disrupted after Sonia called a snap early-morning elimination, leaving the housemates with very little time to make a strategic choice over who to vote for. 

With the housemates divided, it was down to half-house housemates Minee and Graciemae to join forces to cast the deciding vote. While he may have made strong connections in the house, his status as an intruder was enough to push some over the edge, with Teejay being sent home. 

(Credit: Seven)


After spending a few days in the half house following her shock elimination, Graciemae was given the opportunity to return to the Big Brother house, with Graciemae choosing her in-house bestie Lewis as her ticket back to the house. 

While Graciemae and Lewis’ bond may have quickly become one of the favourites amongst the housemates, Lewis was faced with a choice between Graciemae’s return to the house or a $5,000 instant cash prize.

To her surprise, Lewis decided that the extra boost to his bank account was his best option, which unfortunately saw Graciemae eliminated from the competition. 

(Credit: Seven)


Although he initially appeared safe as a result of his alliance with Tom and Louis, Lewis’ position as a strong, strategic game player informed the vote of some of the housemates, with sisters Tay and Ari stating that their vote for Lewis would preserve their longevity in the competition. 

With Tom only receiving one vote, Lewis and Dion ended up in the bottom two, with Sonia calling a sudden double-elimination and sending both Lewis and Dion home. 

“My eviction was a little bit of a shock. I wasn’t anticipating a double eviction tonight,” Lewis told the camera, adding, “The sisters probably did a number on me and I’m sure Dion did as well.”

(Credit: Seven)


As the housemates neared the final stages of the competition, Dion feared that his lack of connection with his male housemates would soon impact his security in the house.

Despite having sisters Tay and Ari firmly on his side, their combined vote sadly wasn’t enough to keep him in the competition, with some of the housemates feeling that his last emotional elimination plea was a manipulation tactic. 

Speaking on his eviction, Dion told the camera, “The reason why I thought I was evicted, comes down to the couples and not being in the alliance. There’s three guys in that house that have got a tight-knit bond, but I wasn’t a part of it.” 

(Credit: Seven)


After winning her second challenge in a row, Minee decided to continue her winning strategy, placing Josh, Taylah, and Tay and Ari up for elimination.

With Louis on her side, Minee was able to successfully evict her biggest game threat from the competition, telling Big Brother that she felt Josh would turn on the girls as they drew closer towards the final three. 

“I wasn’t sure where Louis’ vote was gonna go, but his vote was towards me leaving and I’m hurt,” Josh told the camera. “Obviously, he’s gone with Minee’s vote and it is what it is.” 

(Credit: Seven)


Despite having sat in the nomination chair more than any other housemate, Taylah felt that she was still a strong competitor, advocating for her position in the house to challenge winner Louis. 

“I’ve been a huge advocate for people sticking to a plan this whole way through, and I get a little bit annoyed when people succumb to emotion… I felt like I needed to stick to [the plan],” Louis shared ahead of the final elimination. 

While Louis may have had a strong bond with Taylah, he made the strategic decision to honour Josh’s wishes and take Tay and Ari to the final three. 

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