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Which Big Brother Australia 2023 Couples are Still Together?

Did their love survive outside the house?
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From friendship makeups to dramatic on-screen breakups, the 2023 season oBig Brother Australia has truly had it all. 

Throughout the season, many of the contestants pontificated about their lives and newfound relationships outside the house, with many discussing whether or not their budding romances and new friendships would continue to thrive outside the Big Brother house.  

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With the Big Brother winner now crowned and the housemates now officially moved out of the house, fans are eager to discover whether their favourite in-house relationships have stayed together or stayed friends. 

Fortunately, the finale offered us a glimpse into the contestant’s lives together outside the house. Keep scrolling to discover which of your favourite Big Brother duos are still going strong. 

Lewis & Graciemae. (Credit: Seven)

Lewis & Graciemae

After stepping into the Big Brother house, Lewis and Graciemae instantly became the best of friends. 

From disguising an adult-sized cupid to their tennis high tea, the dynamic duo quickly became a fan-favourite, with their hilarious antics and banter endearing Lewis and Graciemae to both fans and their fellow housemates. 

Following her half-elimination, Lewis was presented with the opportunity to bring Graciemae back into the competition, however, with $5,000 on the cards, Lewis opted to take home the cash prize.

After their eviction from the house, fans have been eager to uncover whether Lewis’ shock decision was a friendship dealbreaker. Reflecting during the finale, Lewis told host Sonia Kruger, “[Our friendship is] unbreakable, unless you dangle five grand in my face apparently.” 

“I’m so glad she was in the house, because this whole experience would’ve been half of what it was for me. She just brought so much out of me so I may not have found love, but I found my Graciemae and we’re stoked,” he continued, earning a heartfelt smile from his Big Brother bestie. 

Teejay & Ari (Credit: Seven)

Teejay & Ari 

Following his entry into the Big Brother house midway through the competition, Teejay and Ari hit it off almost instantly.

While their love continued to blossom throughout the competition, Teejay’s fellow intruder Bella dropped a major bombshell about her relationship with her former flame after they were both eliminated.

“We have kept in touch. When Teejay got out of the house, he messaged me straight away. We’ve kept in touch ever since then, so it’s been really nice,” Bella said. 

Although the housemates were shocked at Bella’s revelation, Teejay attempted to explain that he had reached out to Bella to apologise, saying, “Obviously, transitioning from Bella to Ari, I probably didn’t handle it as best as I could and I left it a little bit late to tell Bella what was happening.” 

After Bella revealed that Teejay had also spoken to both her mum and her sister, Ari was understandably unimpressed, telling the housemates, “I’m very surprised. I don’t mind the whole apologising and whatever. That’s totally up to him, but that’s just a bit too far. Let’s not go there… I’m definitely not too happy about it.” 

Taking to Instagram after the finale, Ari revealed the fate of her romance with Teejay, telling her followers, “I’m sure it’s no surprise to you guys but no, we aren’t together. We’re just friends.” 

Louis & Minee. (Credit: Seven)

Louis & Minee

As one of the OG couples in the Big Brother house, Louis and Minee soon reigned as the unofficial King and Queen of the housemates. 

While they may have had a few bumps in the road, with Minee breaking up with Louis shortly after the arrival of intruders Bella and Oli, the pair quickly came back together as one of the Big Brother power couples. 

“This experience in this house wouldn’t have been at all what it is if it wasn’t for this man,” Minee told her fellow housemates during the finale. 

Now outside of the Big Brother house, Minee took to Instagram to update her followers on her and Louis’ relationship, revealing that their romance did not last outside the house. 

“I liked him but it wasn’t practical because I lived in Perth and he lived in Melbs. Such a great guy tho. He was a very good support coming out of the show,” Minee wrote, adding that she is now single. 

Josh & Tay. (Credit: Seven)

Josh & Tay

As one of the longest-lasting couples in the Big Brother house, Josh and Tay quickly became fan favourites. 

Known and loved by their housemates for their relaxed demeanour and adorable public displays of affection, the couple competed together in several challenges, with the most gruesomely romantic being the pair’s picnic date accompanied by thousands of live bugs. 

Following Josh’s shock eviction, Tay shared that she was struggling without his presence in the house. During the finale, Tay and Josh appeared to still be going strong as they shared a kiss at the beginning of the final episode. 

“It was crazy leaving this house. I was more upset about leaving Tay than actually leaving the Big Brother house, so it sort of sucked a bit. It hit me pretty hard,” Josh reflected on his elimination. 

Although Tay and Josh appeared to be deep in their romance during the final episode, we’ll be sure to keep a close eye on the couple’s social media to see if their love is still going strong. 

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