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Why Brooke walks out of Bachelor Australia and Nick Cummins

The moment has come... And we are not ready.

There has been speculation for weeks about Brooke walking out on Nick Cummins and now the shocking Bachelor Australia moment is upon us… And Honey Badger seems devastated. 

After seeing Nick Cummin’s smash sweet Cass Wood’s heart into a trillion pieces, it seems that Mr Honey Badger is about to be on the receiving end of some heartbreak.

After the Bachelor dropped a sneak peek of finale week – viewers got a taste of the drama that is about to emerge. 

The preview shows a very upset Nick saying goodbye to one of his top three. Feeling gutted, a choked up Bach says, “I can walk you out.”

And all signs point to Brooke.

The Bachelor Australia
The promo makes it seem that Brooke leaves. (Credit: The Bachelor Australia)

The preview promises an epic final two episodes.

On his final date with Brooke, Nick rides in on a motorbike, saying, “Hey chicky babe!”

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In what appears to be later that evening, we see her kiss Honey passionately in the pool before saying, “You’re the most decent guy I’ve ever met in a very long time.”

Sophie admits, “I am very clearly falling head over heels for you.” While Brittany says: “If you’re wondering where I’m at, I’m all in.”

The Bachelor Australia
(Credit: The Bachelor Australia)

The 23-year-old recently spoke to WHO about her feelings for Nick.

“I think there was some pretty intense chemistry from the start,” Brooke tells WHO.  

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But for the frontrunner, she admits that marriage isn’t something she wants.

“We’re on the same page as to what we want in our life and who we’re looking for. I haven’t grown up with a lot of marriage myself but I do understand it’s a massive commitment that you have to be in the right time of your life for.”

The Bachelor Australia returns next Wednesday 7:30pm on Network Ten.

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