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LISTEN: Cat rips Into the Honey Badger

She still holds a grudge
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It looks like Cat STILL hasn’t forgiven the honey Badger.

Bachelor in Paradise star Cat Henesey has slammed Nick Cummins for his behaviour on last season’s The Bachelor.

Listen to Cat slam Nick on live radio:

Last year, Nick booted Cat off the show, and now, in a new interview with Sea 90.9 FM after she stormed out of BiP last night, the reality star has let rip into Nick.

“To be honest, I don’t have a lot of respect for the dude,” she told hosts Heather, Dan and Ben when asked about the former rugby star.

“He went on there (The Bachelor) for a publicity stunt, and it did not work in his favour.

“He did not have any time to get to know any of the women — you’d be talking to him and he’d be looking into the distance, and then he gets out of there and he’s commenting on girls’ bikini shots and DM’ing the girl that came third.

“I didn’t agree with his behaviour,” she said.

Cat was famously sent packing by Nick after she was accused of bullying other contestants.

Cat also told the Sea FM hosts she felt Nick got exactly what he deserved when he faced public backlash for dumping both the finalists at the last rose ceremony.

“I was like suck sh*t, obviously,” she said.

“He gave me a lot of heat on the show like, ‘You’re not here for the right reasons, you’re here to promote your business’. I’m like, ‘Well, you’re here for a publicity stunt too mate, so…’”

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