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Dancing With The Stars Australia: Who Left

Every contestant eliminated from the competition so far!
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Dancing With The Stars is back for another season and it has already had quite a dramatic start. 

Watch Below: Matt Preston low score on Dancing With The Stars

This highly anticipated 2023 series marks the show’s second instalment on the network, having originally aired from 2004 to 2015 before briefly moving to Channel 10. Now back on Channel Seven, the current season is poised to be even more spectacular than ever before.

During an interview on The Morning Show, the show’s host, Sonia Kruger, shared some exciting insights about what fans can expect in the new season.

“We have a fresh batch of celebrities,” she revealed, clarifying that “it’s not just celebrities…These are individuals who have never participated before. They are all completely new to this.”

(Credit: Seven)

Matt Preston

The show’s first elimination was anything but normal, with ex-MasterChef judge Matt Preston choosing to leave the show early on his own accord. 

A voting system usually determines the series eliminations with the bottom two teams required to compete in a dance-off, however, Matt who found himself in the bottom two alongside AFL star Gavin Wanganeen, chose to quit the competition. 

“I’ve loved everything about this, but my ankle is cooked,” Matt told hosts Daryl Somers and Sonia Kruger during Sunday night’s episode. 

“I can’t dance again tonight so what I want to do is to concede and give the win to Gavin, who did brilliantly today and I’m so proud to be doing this for you, brother.”

Responding to the surprising news, Daryl revealed that the show had “never had this happen” and turned to the judges to see their reaction. 

“I mean, injuries happen and there’s nothing you can do about that,” Craig Revel Horwood shared.

“I’ve been a dancer all my life, if you’re injured you shouldn’t dance on an injury – so Matt, I think you’ve made the right decision. Sad to see you go, but Gavin, darling welcome, for you get another life on the show now.”

“You’re absolutely doing the right thing and thank you for giving us determination and your courage, you’ve been wonderful,” Sharna Burgess added.

“And I’m gonna give you a big hug after the show.”

(Credit: Seven)

Charlie Albone

The second elimination of the season saw Charlie Albone and Ruby sent home after dancing the Rumba. Their rendition saw them receive a score of 17 (3, 4, 4, 6), which placed them in the bottom two alongside Sally & Mitch.

“I was a bad dancer at the beginning of this and I’m still a bad dancer now, but at leat I had a crack,” Charlie shared on Instagram following his departure from the competition. 

“@dancingau was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I went into this wanting to show my two boys that you should challenge yourself to try things you know will be difficult, Don’t shy away from them, as you never know what might happen.” 

“To pick yourself up and have another go even when you’re the bottom of the pack was a lesson I was also more than happy to teach them and yes I may have failed at dancing but I improved (just) and they saw how hard that was to do but also how good it felt – if Instagram is still a thing when you boys start using it I hope you read this and remember the time you saw Dad nearly drop a dancer on her head whilst wearing a fluro tiger print see-through singlet and it inspires you to tackle anything and everything life throws at you.”

(Credit: Seven)

Gavin Wanganeen 

Former AFL player Gavin Wanganeen was the third contestant eliminated from Dancing With The Stars Australia, Season 20. 

His dance partner, Megan, took to Instagram following their elimination: “Well done @gavinwanganeen4,” she wrote.

“Couldn’t be prouder of you…what an improvement from week 1!”

“Thank you for being such a wonderful partner through this experience and always giving your absolute all. I hope you start classes with your beautiful wife @pippawanganeen and keep your dance journey going x”

(Credit: Seven)

Issa Schultz 

Issa Schultz was clearly a fan favourite this season and fans were devastated when he became the fourth contestant to be eliminated during the season. 

Fans flooded The Chase star’s Instagram page with comments of support following his last dance. “Loved you both 😢was hoping you’d win,” wrote one user. 
“You two were absolutely amazing and I think so underscored,” wrote another. “You bought so much fun and funk to the dance off.. you both rocked.”
(Credit: Seven)

James Magnussen 

Retired Olympic Swimer James Magnussen was also eliminated during the cut-throat semi-finals following his Viennese Waltz. 

“So incredibly proud of this performance,” shared dance partner Natalie Lowe.  “So graceful and elegant. Amazing Viennese Maggie you were beautiful to dance with.”

(Credit: Seven)

Sally Pearson

Retired Aussie Athlete Sally Pearson was also sent home during the semi-finals following her take on the tango. 

“I love this dance and I was really proud of how @mitch.kirkby and I delivered it,” she shared on Instagram.

“It took some guts from me to really come out of my shell to perform it how it needed to be performed. It’s a strong and powerful dance.
I hope you enjoy it.”

(Credit: Seven)

Laura Byrne 

Laura Byrne’s Cha Cha was not enough to keep her safe during the semi-finals, making her the 6th contestant eliminated. 

“Awww I just got teary watching you,” wrote one fan on Instagram following her elimination. “I’m so sad for you that it didn’t go as planned. You gotta be proud of how far you came & @sharnaburgess is right … everyone loves you (& you looked gorgeous).”

(Credit: Seven)

Pia Miranda 

Aussie Actress Pia Miranda was the last contestant to be eliminated during the semi-finals.

“Look mum… jazz hands!!! ⭐️✨🌟 😃 I loved our swan song so much 🤗Thanks for having me @dancingau – I had the time of my life,” she shared on Instagram following her last dance. 

(Credit: Seven)

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