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Farmer Wants A Wife: Which ladies have left the farm?

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Farmer Wants A Wife Australia 2023 is back with a bang! And although the season has promised to be the “most successful yet” with all firve farmers finding love, it doesn’t mean the season will come without its fair share of heartbreak. 

For a few lucky ladies (well 5 to be exact), this season of FWAW will end with the happily-ever-after they were hoping for. The others? It’s sadly inevitable that they’ll end the show single. 

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Farmer Wants A Wife has a far less structured process for eliminating ladies than its reality TV counterparts. 

Unlike The Bachelor, which has a formal rose ceremony, Farmer Wants A Wife sees ladies eliminated at any moment. 

Whilst the goodbyes usually come at a group dinner on the farm, any fan would know from previous seasons that eliminations are also likely to happen at any moment, from a date gone awry to unexpected drama unfolding. 

With five farmers looking for love this season, keeping track of who left the show is imperative, which is why we’ve kept track for you!

Find out who has been eliminated from FWAW Australia 2023, below. 

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Farmer Brad

Kelsey, Georgina and Hayley have been sent home. (Credit: Seven Network)

Kelsey, Georgina and Hayley

The first episode of the season saw Farmer Brad decide on his top five ladies…which meant an unlucky three were booted after the very first episode!

Following a round of speed dating, Farmer Brad decided to keep Clare, Morgan, Corista, Christina and Natasha. 

This means Kelsey, Georgina and Hayley have been eliminated. 

Seven Network
Natasha (Credit: Channel Seven)


During the first eliminations of the season, each farmer is instructed to send home one girl. For Farmer Brad, he chooses Natasha to leave. 

Christina and Brad didn’t have that instant connection. (Credit: Seven Network)


Following Brad and Corista’s fun knee-boarding date, it’s clear the pair are hitting it off and unfortunately, it means one other girl will be heading home in week two of FWAW. And for Christina, it just wasn’t meant to be! 

(Credit: Seven Network)


After Brad chose Claire for a one-on-one date, Corista wasn’t impressed – especially since the solo date went well. Feeling rejected, she chooses to leave the farm, a decision Brad is disappointed in. 

(Credit: Seven Network)


Shelby made it into the final three this season, however, her relationship with Farmer Brad was just not meant to be. As the newest girl on the farm, Farmer Brad made the difficult decision to send her home, however, she had some interesting words for him before she left. 

In her parting message to Brad, Shelby warns him that Clare is not genuine, and she puts up a façade when around Brad.

Farmer Brenton 

Chloe, Grace and Bridgette were not the match for Farmer Brenton. (Credit: Seven Network)

Chloe, Grace and Bridgette

For Farmer Brenton, the first round of introductions and speed dating also saw three unlucky girls leave the show in the premiere episode. 

Unfortunately, it was the end of the reality-tv road for Chloe, Grace and Bridgette, who were eliminated.

Instead, Farmer Brenton invited Sophie, Frankie, Breanna, Emily and Rachel to the farm. 

Emily was sent home during the first week of the competition. (Credit: Seven Network)


Farmer Brenton chose to send home Emily during the season’s first official eliminations. 

Breanna was sent home in the second week of the series. (Credit: Seven Network)


Love just wasn’t in the air for Breanna and Farmer Brenton! Following the Country Ball and a successful solo date with Rachel, Brenton made the tough decision to send Breanna home as they haven’t been able to form a strong connection.

Frankie chose to leave the show. (Credit: Seven Network)


As the country fair wound down, Frankie found the opportunity to speak with Farmer Brenton. 

Explaining that she did want to be on the show and that she did really like him, she was looking for reassurance since the pair had not yet had any solo dates together. 

“Are you even interested in me?” she asked.

“I want to be honest, completely….it’s hard, whether if it now is a friendship sort of thing,” replied Farmer Brenton. “I just don’t know.”

“I feel bad, you deserve that time and I can’t promise you will get it…I don’t want to lead you on.” 

Unfortunately, it was not what Frnakie was expecting to hear and she chose to leave the farm. 

(Credit: Seven Network)


Jemma came third this season, before being eliminated as the show entered it’s final week. Like many other Farmers, Brenton chose to send home Jemma as she had spent the least amount of time on the farm as she was a late-intruder. 

Farmer Matt 

Georgia, Jenna and Courtney were eliminated during the first episode. (Credit: Seven Network)

Georgia, Jenna and Courtney

Farmer Matt also had the tough decision to send three girls hone in the first episode of the season. 

And whilst Alice, Chelsea, Olivia, Annabelle and Madison were invited back to the farm, it was the end of the road for Georgia, Jenna and Courtney. 

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(Credit: Seven Network)


For Madison, the road to love was cut short during the first round of eliminations, with Farmer Matt sending her home during the dinner party.

(Credit: Seven Network)


Farmer Matt chose Alice to leave the farm in the second week of the competition. Whilst the pair themselves were upset, Matt’s other ladies were also devastated to see their friend leave. 

FWAW Who left madelon
(Credit: Seven Network)


At the farm farewell dinner, Farner Matt farewelled new arrival, Madelon. 

(Credit: Seven Network)


Twins Rachel and Chelsea were unsure about their positions on the farm ahead of the last farewell before finals week. Chelsea felt that Matt has a closer connection with Olivia and Annabelle, and it looks like she was right, with Farmer Matt choosing to send her home in an emotional farewell. 

Farmer David

Lily, Olivia and Cassandra were eliminated during the first round of speed dates. (Credit: Seven Network)

Lily, Olivia and Cassandra

The second episode of the season saw the final two farmers choose their top five girls to join them on the farm. 

Following a brief round of speed dates, Farmer David chose Lorelei, Elle, Emily, Emma and Leah to continue on the season, which meant Lily, Olivia and Cassandra were sent home.

(Credit: Seven Network)


Whilst the other farmers all sent home their first eliminations during dinner, Farmer David and Emma decided to end their time together much earlier after realising they don’t have a good connection. After a day of badminton and a visit to David’s old primary school, Emma revealed to David that she wanted to leave the show early and on her own terms instead of dragging the inevitable out.

Elle found it hard to see Farmer David build connections with other girls. (Credit: Seven Network)


Elle wasn’t impressed to hear how well Farmer David’s date with Lorelei went, getting upset after learning the pair kissed. By the time Framer David was asked to send someone home, he decided on Elle revealing that he believes their connection is lost. 

FWAW Who left leah
(Credit: Seven Network)


Leah chose to leave after Farmer Brad chose Emily for the solo date. 

(Credit: Seven Network)


Farmer David also chose to eliminate the contestant who he had spent the least amount of time with, unfortunately that meant late-intruder Alyssa had to leave the farm. 

Farmer Andrew

It was the end of the road for Monique, Veronica and Kate. (Credit: Seven Network)

Monique, Veronica and Kate

Farmer Andrew sent Monique, Veronica and Kate home in the second episode, as his top five; Jessie, Claire, Maddison, Kelley and Lucie are invited back to his farm. 

(Credit: Seven Network)


Kelley’s chance at finding love ran its course during the first week of FWAW, but unfortunately, she was sent home during the first official round of instructions.

Lucie left following the Country Ball. (Credit: Seven Network)


Our first *dramatic* walk out of the season! Following the drama between Lucie and Madison at the Country Ball on Sunday night, Farmer Andrew chooses Jessie for a solo date. After missing out on the opportunity of the solo date, Lucie decided to leave the farm. 

(Credit: Seven Network)


During the second week, Maddison became worried about not having a bond with Andrew – especially since they hadn’t been on a solo date yet. When the opportunity finally arises for the pair to have some alone time it doesn’t quite go to plan. Maddison reveals her desire to expand her business and involve her partner in the venture, which makes Andrew feel that she does not comprehend the need to be present on the farm for the relationship to work. After the date, they mutually agreed to end the relationship, and Maddison left the farm.

(Credit: Seven Network)

Sarah and Jessie

Ending the series early, Farmer Andrew decided to send two of his remaining three girls home after deciding he wanted to pursue a relationship with Claire. 

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