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Holly Kingston confesses The Bachelor is “incredibly painful to relive”

"I remember being terrified."
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Bachelor winner Holly Kingston has opened up about her time on the reality franchise, admitting that the dating show wasn’t all roses. 

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Taking to her Instagram stories, Holly re-shared a sweet clip of her helicopter ride with most recent bachie, Jimmy Nicholson, where the couple sipped champagne in front of Uluru with the pilot’s family.

“I rarely rewatch most bach things, as some things can be incredibly painful to relive, but someone just sent me this and I watched it with the biggest smile on my face…” she wrote.  

The Bachelor
Holly has opened up about her bachie experience. (Credit: Instagram)

She continued: “When people ask if anything is scripted, not one bit. Particularly at this late stage in the filming process, you’re so used to cameras and producers hanging around that everything you see play out is SO real.”

“I remember being terrified on this final date that I was going to lose Jimmy the following day, I had NO idea where his head was at. Now we’re stuck with each other @jimmynicholson (but if I ever say I love you and you awkwardly stare at me and say nothing in return again, the wedding’s off).”

Holly then followed the story up by answering a very common fan question.

holly-kingston -bachelor
She also responded to a fan question. (Credit: Instagram)

“You have to tell me… Was his parents strolling into your date set up?! You handled it like a champ,” the question read.

“I get asked this so much,” the influencer responded. “I think it’s the main question I get asked other than have I recovered from Noel (Jimmy’s father) saying he didn’t like me. No, it was not set up.

“You can even see Jimmy looking at producers like ‘sh-t, sorry guys, do I tell them to leave?’ Producers didn’t set it up, Jimmy didn’t set it up, I certainly didn’t set it up. It was quite a funny little moment in the day.” 

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Holly’s Bachelor confession comes almost three weeks after she and Jimmy took a nostalgic trip back to the famous mansion

The couple, who are now engaged, took to Instagram to share their trip down memory lane, delighting fans with cute videos. 

“We’re in Dural and we thought why not make a quick pit stop at the Bachelor mansion,” explained Holly.

Holly and Jimmy re-visited the Bachelor mansion. (Credit: Instagram)

“I have no idea how to get here,” she continued. “Jimmy has had to direct because I didn’t know where I was living for three months.” 

Although Jimmy was excited about the visit, Holly wasn’t too keen, explaining that the trip was giving her “anxiety”.

“It’s too soon!” she fretted, as she explained that the sight of the mansion was giving her heart palpitations. 

As they pulled into the driveway, the couple reminisced on the place where they first met. 

“I was so nervous driving down here for the rose ceremonies” Jimmy shared. 

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