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Jamie Doran’s Bachelorette ‘three way’

A three-way chat, that is. What were you thinking?
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First he scored himself the title of stage-five clinger

Then he broke the bro code by swooping in for a chat with Bachelorette Angie Kent during a cocktail party after the boys agreed there’d be no swooping – for the sake of the team and all that.

WATCH: The rumour about Angie that we all hope isn’t true.

Now, contestant Jamie Doran has put his foot in it again, attempting to insert himself into an intimate conversation Angie was having with Ryan ‘Aussie Dog Guy’ Anderson.

In possibly one of the most awkward scenes in this season so far, Jamie tried a new tactic at tonight’s cocktail party.

Rather than the traditional, “Excuse me (tap-tap-tap on the shoulder), Angie, can we go for a chat?”, the firefighter decided he would simply attempt to join the convo, making for The Bachelorette’s first three-way… of sorts.

Guys, this is going to sound like a bit of a curveball,” he started as he sauntered up to the pair – who, btw, were looking pretty darn cosy as a twosome. 

“I actually want to sit in with both of you. If that’s okay.”

Yeah… nah. It’s not okay. 

Angie didn’t think so, either. 

“It sounds a bit creepy…” the no-bullshit babe told him.

“Is that a little bit creepy?” he replied. 

Yes, Jamie. Yes, it is a very little bit creepy and please stop.

But he didn’t. Le sigh. 

“I just want to kind of explore, like, some things about Yvie. Saying Ryan is the perfect guy for you.”

No. Stop. Abort, back away slowly.

“I didn’t get time with Yvie,” he complained of the group date earlier in the evening, when Angie’s best Yvie Jones took some of the boys for the ultimate bachelorette party with their leading lady. 

“But like, she is your soul mate. For me, I know what she thinks of you and what you think of her and it was really important for me to touch base with her. And I didn’t get to do that. Like, I was quite upset.”

Jamie Doran
(Credit: Channel 10)

Before things could get any more awkward (as if that was even possible), Ryan stepped in and (politely) cut him off. 

“Jamie? I need this time too…”

And we were all just thankful that is was over almost as quickly as it started. 

“Jamie is… He’s genuinely here to win Angie’s heart, but he is his own worst enemy,” Ryan later commented in a piece to camera.

Ryan, meanwhile, is carving himself out a place as a serious contender in the fight to win Angie’s heart. Angie and Ryan — who boasts more than 35,000 followers on social media — first connected on Instagram after former Gogglebox Australia star Ange stumbled upon his account, Aussiedogguy.

(If you are obsessed with dogs, you should definitely give him a follow.) 

“It started as common interest in the rescue-dog scene,” the island caretaker from Queensland told TV Week. “We followed each other on Instagram and there was some banter.”
After chatting and bonding over their mutual love of animals, Ryan, who serves an ambassador for an assistance-dog charity, invited Angie to be his date to an upcoming gala ball. 

Before she even had a chance to respond, Angie, 29, was announced as this year’s Bachelorette. 
“I let it be at first,” he said, “but then I thought, ‘I’m going to get that date regardless’ and subsequently applied for the show.”
“I signed up purely to get to know Angie— I had a bit of an online crush on her and I wanted to get to know her a bit better,” the former RSPCA SA inspector also told 10 daily.

“I’d hate to sit back and see the series unfold without me in it and go, ‘That could have been me’.”

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