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Krissy Marsh Returns to The Real Housewives of Sydney

"People say it's not real, but it is 100% real."
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After an explosive first season of The Real Housewives of Sydney almost six years ago, Krissy Marsh was unsure if she would return. 

“I was a lot more wary,” she tells WHO ahead of the premiere of the new season, but close friend and season one co-star Nicole O’Neil was set to return and she wanted Krissy to be involved. 

“I said, ‘Look I’m not doing it,” Krissy explains, “And she’s [Nicole] like ‘yes, you are. You are being ridiculous, stop being stupid,’ and I was like okay then I’ll do it.”

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“We had a great time,” Nicole says of season one, “we had a lot of fun.”

“There were nights and days that we laughed and had a great time, but what was perceived on air was very different to how we felt while filming.”

“So when they first asked us to come back it was very important about who the cast was, but I also really, really wanted to make sure Krissy was involved. I wouldn’t do it without her and vice versa.”

Krissy Marsh was unsure if she would return to the franchise. (Credit: Getty)

As the only two stars from the original season, Krissy makes it clear the new iteration of the show is completely different, but still showcases polarising topics and clashing opinions.  

“The topics that are covered in the show that have just naturally come up are very polarising,” she explains. “Women working, working mothers guilt…all these sorts of things that very much relate not just to women, but are very topical.”

“Seeing people’s different points of view [on the show] that you would never expect to have such polarising opinions – that’s been an interesting factor of the show.”

“People say it’s not real, but it is 100% real.” (Credit: Supplied.)

Despite being an almost completely new cast, the women have been close for years and their “genuine relationships” are put under pressure in the intense experience. 

“It’s a pressure cooker,” explains Krissy, who has been friends with Nicole for 20 years. “Eventually their true colours come out…but to me, that is exactly what this show is.”

“People say it’s not real, but it is 100% real. You see someone’s real personality. They’ll say ‘Oh it’s been edited,’ but no honey you will show what you are.”

And how will Krissy navigate the drama this season? “I ran away a lot this season” she reveals. 

he Real Housewives of Sydney will premiere on October 10, 2023. (Credit: Getty)

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