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Everything we know about Phoebe and Mitch’s relationship outside the Villa

And the exciting next step the couple are gearing up for!
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Mitch Eliot and Phoebe Spiller are one of the strongest couples on Love Island Australia this season, which may come as a surprise since the pair have had their fair share of ups and downs during their time in the Villa. 

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Despite their rollercoaster relationship, they made it to the end of the season, making it all the way to the top three. And although Claudia and Austen ultimately won, fans wanted to know how Phoebe and Mitch were going back on home turf. 

Following the emotional finale, Mitch and Phoebe spoke to WHO about their time in the Villa – and where their relationship currently stands. 

Love Island
Are Phoebe and Mitch still together? (Credit: Nine)

Firstly, how did you feel about reaching the final three? Were you expecting it?

Mitch: No, it’s crazy! You don’t go in expecting that you’re going to go all the way – and we did!  We’re very, very grateful.

Phoebe: It’s kind of crazy to say that you’ve been there on day one, all the way to the finale, I feel like that’s a dream. I don’t think I actually expected to do that.

And what was it like waiting until last night to watch the finale?

Phoebe: We were excited! We were excited to watch our final vows and everything. We were really excited to see that. I think we kind of knew Claudia and Austen were gonna win and they deserve it, that was no surprise, so we were so happy watching it. It was very exciting!

And did you guys watch the show as it aired? Was it difficult rewatching the show?

Mitch: Yeah, definitely. Definitely difficult, especially watching it back. But also it was very nice watching us fall in love. That was amazing and not many people can say that. 

Phoebe: We’re very blessed that we have that forever, it’s like our own home movie.

Love Island
Despite a tumultuous time in the Villa, the couple seem to be going strong! (Credit: Nine)

Was there anything that happened during filming that wasn’t shown on TV?

Phoebe: Yeah definitely, I think it’s hard. Obviously, you spend 24 hours with everyone in the villa every day. And honestly, most of that I spent with Mitch. So for them to like cram in, I guess, everything that happens into a one-hour episode, they’re always gonna miss stuff. And there are always other storylines that they’re having to follow. So, there’s definitely a lot of me and Mitch that people probably didn’t see and probably didn’t realise.

What were your love Island highlights?

Phoebe: Mine definitely was when Mitch asked me to be his girlfriend. I don’t think anything will ever top that moment. To be honest, it felt like I was in a fairy tale. And I loved that I literally genuinely had no idea what was going on. Like, I was so shocked. I’ll definitely remember that moment for the rest of my life.

Love Island
Congrats guys! (Credit: Nine)

Is this the end of reality TV for you guys? Or would you do it again? 

Phoebe: I’m not sure. Like, I love it, don’t get me wrong and never say never. But for right now, I’m happy just trying to live my life as a normal person with Mitch. Reading the hate comments and stuff, you really need thick skin.

And the big question! It’s pretty obvious you guys are still together. How have the last few months been for the two of you since filming wrapped?

Mitch: Well obviously we couldn’t go out in public, so there were a lot of dinners at home and car dates.  

Phoebe: We really haven’t left each other’s side, we’re basically living together. I think that’s the next step to actually move in together as we’re both paying rent right now, which is silly because we only stay at mine. We’ve kind of just been tied at the hip. 

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