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Love Island 2023: Who has been Eliminated?

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And just like that, Love Island Australia season five is drawing to an end! 

Couple swapping and bombshell intruders have wreaked havoc on the competition, leading to some difficult recoupling ceremonies.  

As some couples move from strength to strength, it’s the end of the road for some other unluck islanders!

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Who has been eliminated from Love Island Australia 2023?

love island australia ollie eliminated
Ollie was the first contestant to be eliminated. (Credit: Nine)


Ollie became the first Islander to be eliminated in season five after failing to connect with anyone in the Villa. Although he and Kirra kept up a platonic friendship, her last-minute decision to give Reid a chance saw Ollie sent home. 

“I was not expecting it,” Ollie told WHO. “Kirra definitely took me by surprise and when we got told about the recoupling I thought I was pretty safe until Reid sort of said his piece. He whispered sweet nothings into her ear and corrupted her, so I thought I was safe up until about two or three hours before the actual firepit.”

love island australia kirra eliminated
Kirra was eliminated shortly after. (Credit: Nine)


Unfortunately for Kirra, Reid quickly moved on with bombshell Abby and she was left single during the following recoupling ceremony. In the end, the final decision came down to Nate, who had to choose between his good friend Kirra and his struggling relationship with Tia. Ultimately, he chose to give Tia another chance, and Kirra became the second contestant to be eliminated from Love Island Australia. 

ben love island australia eliminated
Ben was also eliminated on Love Island. (Credit: Nine)


As one of the OG Islanders, Ben had a pretty solid start to the season, remaining in a comfortable position with Tyra since the first coupling ceremony. But Love Island is never smooth sailing, with bombshell intruder Aidan setting his eyes on Tyra, leaving Ben single and eliminated. 

love island ryan eliminated
Ryan wasn’t in the villa long, but he made some waves! (Credit: Nine)


As one of the newest bombshells, Ryan’s time was short but memorable. Setting his eyes on Lucinda, Ryan took his shot, but at the end of the day Lucinda and Zac’s relationship was stronger and he became the latest to be eliminated. 

love island tia eliminated
Tia had a bumpy ride in The Villa. (Credit: Nine)


As one of the original islanders, Tia has had a bumpy journey in the Villa, exploring relationships with Trent and Nate. In the end, she used her coupling ceremony choice to save Zac from elimination but unfortunately was eliminated by the Islanders alongside Ryan. 

love island kale eliminated
Many thought Kale and Nakia would win the competition! (Credit: Nine)


It seemed like Kale and Nakia were in it for the long run but new bombshell Andy saw the relationship fall apart. Despite Kale and Nakia becoming one of the strongest couples in the show and promising each other they would leave the villa together, Nakia was keen on exploring her spark with Andy – which led to Kale getting eliminated. 

Although he wasn’t away from the Villa for long…Read all about Kale’s shock comeback, here.

love island australia who left
(Credit: Nine)

Abby & Seb 

A shock double elimination saw the fan-favourite Islanders choose who they would send home. After some tough discussions, they believed Abby and Seb’s time in the Villa was set to end and thus they became the latest to leave. 

tasia love island elimination
(Credit: Nine)


Love Island sure was in it’s Villa era, when all three singles; Trent, Tasia and Savanah were up for elimination. The twist? Trent had the power to choose which girl was sent home, or, leave the villa himself. 

Ultimately, he chose to explore his on-again-off-again relationship with Sav, meaning Tasia after just a few days in the villa, was the latest to be eliminated. 

love island trent
(Credit: Nine)


OG Islander Trent was brutally dumped from the Villa after the islanders were forced to choose between him and Nakia. 

It wasn’t a complete surprise to the 25-year-old who told WHO he was expecting the elimination. “My time was up,” he explains. “I had exhausted all my options and connections in the villa, so I knew that it was my time to go.” 

Despite being one of the more contentious contestants this season, Trent admits audiences saw the real him during his time on the show and whilst he may have been divisive, he’s adamant he was just being himself. 

“I think what you see is what you get,” he explains. “I was being myself and a lot of people don’t agree with that.” 

A few months on from the experience, Trent reveals he’s still close with the cast – especially Zac, who he now lives with, and Sav who he speaks with “every day.” 

Although he admits he’s “never been more single in my life” since wrapping the show, this hopefully isn’t the end of the reality TV road for the Victorian who would love to have another shot at love. But for now, he’s busy working on opportunities with Zac for the next year which may include a podcast since they’re “pretty good at taking s**t together.” 

“At the moment, I’m just back to normal everyday life, back to working on the cranes…but hopefully, a few opportunities arise and I can maybe get out of the out of the crane seat.

love island eliminated
(Credit: Nine)

Nakia, Andy and Harmony 

Andy, Nakia and Harmony were all dumped from the Villa after Andy elected to Couple Up with no one.

“I never found what I was looking for with Harmony and Nakia and I really did have something but I just don’t see something happening between us outside the Villa,” Andy explained.

love island who left nate and georgia elimination
(Credit: Nine)

Nate & Georgia 

As the competition drew to an end, the islanders were faced with the difficult decision to choose a couple to eliminate. Sav and Clint alongside Nate and Georgia were in the bottom two couples – and ultimately it was Nate and Georgia who were eliminated. 

“We out baby!!! Just came off the biggest emotional roller coaster of my life, and I am wrecked. It’s hard to put my experience into words, I had the highest of highs and lowest of lows all within 5 weeks (ya boy copped it),” Nate wrote on Instagram.

“Regardless, this once-in-a-lifetime experience has allowed me to learn so much about myself and others and it’s a first to say I’m very proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone. Shoutout to the brothers and sisters I’ve made from this experience, for now, lemme get back to reality.”

love island reid and chloe
(Credit: Nine)

Reid & Chloe 

Chloe was the Bombshell that finally got Reid to settle down in the Love Island Villa, but sadly the pair were eliminated just before the Grand Finale.

The couple were sent home after the superfans voted them the least likely to be together in a years’ time.

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