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Have fans worked out who will win Love Island Australia?

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This season of Love Island Australia has had everything. Love triangles, bombshell returns, villain twists and enough couple swapping to keep *anyone* entertained. 

But all good things must come to an end, and season five of Love Island Australia is quickly drawing to a close. 

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But, we’re not there yet. Love Island Australia is still in full swing and the drama is far from over – but that hasn’t stopped fans – and contestants – guessing who will win the show. 

Because even the contestants don’t know who will win yet! Despite the season being pre-recorded, it is following the same format as last year – so, in an attempt to avoid spoilers and utilise fan voting, alternative endings are recorded with all the final couples, which means both fans and islanders alike will have to wait till the finale to find out who has won. 

However, that hasn’t stopped fans from guessing! 

love island australia lucinda and zac still together
Will Lucinda and Zac win Love Island? (Credit: Nine)

Who will win Love Island Australia 2023? 

Fans have been using betting sites to correctly guess the winners of their favourite reality TV shows for years, and Love Island is no different. 

At this stage, sites such as have Lucinda and Zac as the couple most likely to win – however, it’s no surprise. The pair have quickly become one of the strongest couples of the season and fans have even spotted them enjoying time together outside the Villa! 

The only other couple fans are keeping an eye on at this stage are Kale and Tyra. Although they were one of the relatively new pairing, following Kale’s bombshell return, it’s undeniable the pair have some serious chemistry – and have them pegged as most likely to win. 

love island couples still together kale and tyra
Or could Kale and Tyra win the season? (Credit: Nine)

It’s not just fans who have been guessing who will take out the win on Love Island Australia – a number of recently eliminated contestants have also revealed their guesses to WHO

And no surprises here – many think Zac and Lucinda will take the win. 

“I think that Lucinda and Zac have a very, very strong chance of winning for multiple reasons,” Ollie told us following his elimination. “I think that she’s been brought on this show obviously as a bit of an icon… So I feel that she’s definitely a main character, and she made it very clear that she wants someone that’s 130% into her, to almost put her before anything. And Zac was happy to sacrifice himself.”

“I feel like that couple right there, I feel that they’re perfect for each other. So I feel that they’re gonna get very far.

“Everyone around me so far has been you know making up and breaking up,” Kale shared, “I feel like the only two that have been together since the beginning would be Lucinda and Zac…so I’d probably say those [two will win].

love island trent and zac
Trent doesn’t think his best mate Zac will take the win. (Credit: Nine)

Recently eliminated OG Islander Trent has his money on Kale and Tyra. “I think it’s pretty guaranteed that Tyra and Kale will win,” he tells WHO following his departure from the show. 

It’s an answer that may surprise audiences considering how close he is to Zac, but Trent is convinced Tyra and Kales’s storyline may sway public opinion. 

“I think [Lucinda and Zac] will last the longest….but Kale and Tyra [will win the season] because of their storyline. They’ve had a really good storyline and it’s pretty cute how it all happened.”

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