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Which 2023 Love Island Couples Are Still Together?

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Sexy singles may have entered the Love Island villa, but will any couples leave Mallorca and live happily ever after? That’s the big question fans want to know the answer to. 

Love triangles, drama and bombshell after bombshell, season five of Love Island Australia was a wild ride and fans are curious to learn if any couples have lasted in the real world. 

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By the end of the season, we saw five happy couples, but are any still together? We’ve got all the answers.

Which couples from Love Island Australia 2023 are still together? 

love island australia couples still together lucinda and zac
(Credit: Nine)

Lucinda and Zac

Despite being one of the strongest couples of the season, the couple’s relationship only survived a few months after filming. 

Although Lucinda has remained pretty tight-lipped following their split, Zac has shared a few updates online. 

“Hey guys, just thought I’d let you know that Lucinda and I have decided to go our separate ways,” he wrote in his initial statement. “I’m not feeling too good about the situation and appreciate all the support so far.” 

love island couples still together kale and tyra
(Credit: Nine)

Kale and Tyra

Despite being one of the newer couples of the season, it was immediately clear there was some serious chemistry between Kale and Tyra – which was strong enough to win the show. 

Following their win, the pair confirmed with our sister site TV WEEK that they were still together and adjusting to life outside the Villa. 

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In April 2024, the couple proved they were moving from strength to strength – sharing with fans their matching tattoos. Kale got a tattoo of Tyra’s initial ‘T’, while she got a ‘K’ tattoo. 

love island couples still together nate and georgia
(Credit: Nine)

Nate and Georgia 

Making the top five, Nate and Georgia had a tumultuous time on the show but were excited to give their relationship a go in the outside world. Despite having a “bit of a break” after giving things a go in Sydney, the pair realised there was “still a spark” between them and they are back to dating again. 

“Our journey is definitely not finished, we’re definitely together,” Georgia told Nine.

“We just fit back like a glove – it was so easy.”

“I feel like I’m dating a different person,” she told the publication. “I feel like I’m dating a different Nate – he is so much more relaxed now that he’s surrounded by his friends and family. It definitely feels like a fresh slate and a fresh start.”

love island sav and clint
(Credit: Nine)

Savanah and Clint

Despite being together a mere 9 days before the finale, Sav and Clint surprised everyone by making the top three this season. It’s clear the chemistry was there – however, Clint admitted they broke things off soon after leaving the Villa. 

“You sort of feel like anything’s possible [in the Villa], then once you step out of that, and you’re out of that bubble, you [realise] we’ve only known each other for nine days and there’s distance and there’s all these things that come with that,” Clint tells WHO. “So Savannah, and I called it pretty quickly after the show.”

“It just didn’t work out. I was like ‘we could technically keep it going and we could travel to meet each other… I just don’t know if that’s something either of us would do in the real world,” Sav told TV WEEK.“But really realistically – Clint came in really late – we’d known each other for ten days.”

“We’re really good mates and we still talk but it just didn’t really progress.”

love island reid and chloe
(Credit: Nine)

Reid and Chloe

Despite his fondness for bombshells and ability to “play the game” getting Reid in a spot of trouble during his time in the Villa, he was adamant his relationship with bombshell Chloe was different. Despite making it to the top four of the season, the pair confirmed to Nine that they had split post-show. 

“I can confirm we are not together,” Reid shared. “It was more my decision but [Chloe] could accept that and she respects my decision.”

“Reid and myself didn’t really speak about anything, we just walked away,” Chloe explained to the publication. “We probably had different motives why we went on the show. I joined the military so I focused on that, and he’s focus was his modelling and acting.”

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