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Zac Nunns Reflects on his Love Island Australia Experience

"I've left the villa with a girlfriend, a best mate and some friends for life."
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There’s no denying Zac Nunns was one of the more divisive contestants looking for love on Season Five of Love Island Australia. 

Despite finding himself in one of the most serious relationships of the season with British Love Island star Lucinda Strattford, the 25-year-old Kiwi found himself mixed in with the more dramatic storylines of the season, becoming known for his love of gossip and ability to stir the pot. 

But, as he walks away from the 2023 season with a girlfriend, a new housemate and a close group of friends – Zac tells WHO the show has changed him for the better.

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How has life been since leaving the Love Island villa?

It’s been really, really good. The moment I left I went to the UK and spent two and a half months with Lucinda. We went to Paris together, we ticked off two of the wonders of the world, it was amazing. 

I’ve come back to Australia and I’m living with Trent. Lucinda’s coming to join me in a week after we spend Christmas with our families and then she’s gonna be here for a month. I’m going to show her around and then I’m going to relocate to the UK early next year.

What has been the biggest adjustment when transitioning from the villa to the real world?

Long distance for sure. Like it comes with challenges, but I think overall it’s been a super positive experience. Long distance is just really hard because all we want to do is stay on the phone for like four or five hours every day and like we’re up most nights talking. 

love island lucinda and zac
(Credit: Nine)

Did you watch the show?

Yeah, I’ve watched it. I’ve seen what’s been going on.

How do you feel about the way your relationship was portrayed?

How do I feel about it? I don’t feel the greatest obviously. It’s never nice seeing yourself being a jerk. I think in a way I’m really grateful for the experience. Because how often do you get to see yourself from a third-person perspective? It’s been a tough watch. Honestly, I regret a few things I did in there but it’s been a really good learning experience.

I think there are some little moments in there that you can see just how true and how strong my and Lucinda’s love is. That’s just the thing we’ve decided to focus on, just supporting each other through the whole experience and growing stronger and stronger together on the outside. 

love island australia lucinda and zac
(Credit: Nine)

We know you’re living with Trent at the moment but are you in touch with anyone else from the villa?

Honestly, I talk to almost everybody. We’re all in a group chat. We Snapchat each other regularly as well. And honestly, it’s all good, I think because we all went through it together. It’s really comforting. At any moment when anyone was receiving any slack for anything they did on the show, we were all reaching out together and just banding together and going through it together. So it’s been really special. I’ve left the villa with a girlfriend, a best mate and some friends for life. 

You were one of the more divisive couples of this season. How do you handle that public scrutiny and attention on your relationship? Was it difficult?

Honestly, I think at the end of the day, all those people in the villa and Lucinda and I know what really happened and I think it’s important that we do take accountability for some of the not-so-nice things we did and I think she and I have had those moments of self-reflection.

In terms of the public scrutiny, I think, at the end of the day, like I did what I did in there, and I can’t change what happened and I can only blame so much of it on the edit…there’s just a point where you have to look at yourself and say ‘I’m an a**hole and I’m really sorry.’ And I did do that with the two people I did affect that most, that being Nate and Lucinda and it’s been really, really good. But honestly, with the public scrutiny, I think if you’re going to be an idiot on TV be prepared.

love island australia lucinda and zac still together
(Credit: Nine)

It’s different when it’s anonymous people on the internet watching your actions on TV, but did you give friends and family a heads up before they watched?

My friends and family know me well enough to know that I’m not a complete pile of t**d. There’s been moments when my mum said ‘Hey, why’d you do that?’ But it’s been really good because I get to take a look at myself and see the not-so-nice parts of myself and work on that. I think that’s the real thing that comes from this honestly, and I think the public scrutiny is deserved, I was an idiot and I wasn’t the nicest at times.

What’s next for you? What are your future plans with Lucinda?

I’m going to move to the UK! And hopefully, the next step for our relationship after living together for a while might be you know getting engaged to get married and having a family…

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