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MAFS brides targeted in mass nude photo leak

"The whole thing reeks of creepy perversion."
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A Reddit page has been shut down after being found to contain illegally stolen nude images from 14 different Married At First Sight brides.

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According to celebrity gossip publication, The Wash, the subreddit had amassed over 11,000 members by the time it was shut down and had been distributing content stolen from several OnlyFans accounts owned by various brides from the show’s nine seasons.

It is alleged that the members of the subreddit were requesting videos and pictures of particular women and encouraging leaked images to be ‘rated’ by the group.

Since this content usually sits behind a paywall, the leak has likely cost the women thousands of dollars in subscription money.

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Popular OnlyFans creators Jessika Power and Olivia Frazer were among those targeted, as well as Booka Nile, Susie Bradley, Tamara Joy, Ines Basic, Ashley Irvin, Vanessa Romito, Hayley Vernon, Mishel Karen, Amanda Micallef, Alana Lister, Jamie Gardner, and Stacey Hampton.

Season eight bride Booka Nile was among those targeted. (Credit: Instagram)

“The whole thing reeks of creepy perversion and is a rancid violation of basic dignity and privacy,” Booka told The Wash.

“Whilst some people may turn around and try and shame those who have had their content leaked, I hope that most will realise that the only ones who should be deeply ashamed right now are those behind the leak and those endorsing it,” she added.

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It seems Reddit moved quickly to remove the leaked images, confirming to Yahoo Lifestyle that the thread was taken down.

“This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit,” the platform posted on its website after the thread disappeared.

The forum was quickly removed. (Credit: Instagram)

While the leak is illegal and a copyright violation, some of these brides have experienced leaks from their OnlyFans accounts in the past.

Leaks are unfortunately to be expected,” season six bride Ines Basic told WHO when discussing her lucrative account.

“I have an online copyright removal service agency – Airase – scanning the web daily for any content that has been illegally distributed. My best advice to anyone who is on OnlyFans is to make sure they have that level of protection,” she advised.

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“Whilst the platform is becoming widely accepted it is still a taboo industry and is a relatively new platform with a lot of mixed opinions,” an Airase spokesperson told us.

“You would be surprised by the types of people who will commit revenge porn as well. It’s always the people you least expect.”

Jack Lonie has also allegedly had content leaked. (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, fellow MAFS star and OnlyFans creator, Jackson Lonie, is currently suing The Kyle and Jackie O Show for allegedly illegally sharing content from his account while live on radio.

“I was shocked when I heard it on air,” he told Sunday Confidential.

“My boss is a family man and he had people contacting him asking him about my content … I understand it doesn’t line up with his morals, so I lost my job,” Jackson revealed.

Jackson’s representatives have reportedly sent a legal letter to the Australian Radio Network, which airs the radioprogram.

He has requested a permanent injunction to restrain further use of the content, damages for breach of copyright, damages for loss of income, and a formal apology from the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

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