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Which Married at First Sight Contestants are Actually Actors?

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The ultimate goal of Married at First Sight is to create genuine relationships and whilst the series’ track record isn’t the greatest, we do know the format can work (Hello, Michael and Martha). 

But, the experiment’s success heavily relies on one factor: genuine contestants. 

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You wouldn’t think it would be difficult to find single Aussies who are open to the chance for a happily-ever-after, but over the course of eleven seasons, Australia has seen their fair share of contestants who aren’t quite on the show for the right reasons. 

But, each season we hope the new married couples are genuine and ready to give the experiment their all. 

Which is why fans aren’t exactly thrilled to learn so many of their favourites have an acting background. 

We’re not saying anyone who is an actor is incapable of joining the show for the right reasons – many fans are just left questioning if the reality show is in fact real when an alarmingly high rate of contestants have a thespian background. 

MAFS have confirmed time and time again that their experiment is the real deal, selecting authentic Australians from across the country to find love. There’s also no denying that not everyone would be comfortable entering such a public (and controversial) show. Individuals who are already comfortable in front of the camera probably have an easier time accepting the concept of Reality TV and the fame that comes along with it.  

Either way, it’s clear MAFS attracts the actors and TV hopefuls among us, and we can’t help but notice that a few more contestants fit the mould this year. So if you think the contestants may look familiar, here’s where you may have seen the cast of Married at First Sight before! 

collins actor married at first sight
(Credit: Instagram)

Collins Christian 

A comedy skit on ABC’s The Weekly from April 2023 emerged online during the second week of the 2024 MAFS season, revealing Collins had auditioned for the show previously. 

And while the 28-year-old has introduced himself as an Executive Assistant on the show, fans have uncovered an ad he did for Ashley and Martin in 2022. 

ben walters tv
(Credit: Instagram)

Ben Walters

Whilst Ben is no actor – he has been on TV! Back in 2019, he appeared on The Today Show as they reported on the ban on climbing Uluru. “Strongly advise not to do it, it’s just disrespectful,” he said in the short clip which he shared to his Instagram at the time. 

frogger michael felix
(Credit: Seven)

Michael Felix

Audiences first met Michael during the season premiere where he attended the Bachelorette party – however, it was announced his future MAFS husband, Simon, had decided to back out at the last moment, leaving Michael single. Whilst he may be back on our screens for another shot at love, it’s not the first time he appeared on TV!

Back in 2021, Michael appeared on another TV show called Frogger, a competition series that brought the beloved 1980s video game to life as contestants took on supersized crossings amid daring obstacles. 

mafs madeleine maxwell home and away
(Credit: Seven)

Madeleine Maxwell 

Going by the name Maddy Jevic, Madeleine has a number of previous acting credits to her name, including appearances in Offspring, Anzac Girls, Wentworth Prison and Upper Middle Class Bogan. 

Although she hasn’t acted since 2021, she is best known for her role as Amber Simmons in Home and Away, before she made the career shift to psychic medium

Ridge Barredo Commonwealth Games First Dates
(Credit: Seven/Instagram)

Ridge Barredo 

Joining this season as the last groom, Ridge made quite the first impression. But, it was far from his first array in the reality TV dating arena. 

The psych ward nurse has previously appeared on Channel Seven’s show First Dates in 2020. 

Fans were also surprised to learn he was previously a professional weightlifter who competed in the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Cast and placed fifth in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingam. 

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