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Cassandra and Tristan’s MAFS Fairy Tale Comes to an End

"It's all my fault."
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In a premiere brimming with hints at scandal and tension, Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black were the sweet breath of fresh air that Married At First Sight Australia needed to balance out the salty drama. 

Many fans believed they would be the next MAFS love story. But unfortunately, their journey has come to an end. 

When Cassandra appeared on screen, telling the story of how she lost the love of her life at 23 before losing her mother in 2020, fans quickly felt for the 30-year-old sweetheart.  

Having experienced the loss she has, Cassandra revealed she has struggled to find meaningful connections with others and is yearning to meet someone loving who she can build a life and “raise a small football team” of kids with.  

“I was in a very dark space for a long time,” she told love expert Mel Schilling. “I couldn’t feel anything. But I know I’m so ready [now]. I know it. I’m ready to receive love, to give love, to be in love, it’s taken a long time but I’m there.”

“My perfect match is charming, warm, big heart, big smile, and he just sucks you in with his warm energy,” she said.  

mafs cassandra and tristan wedding
Could Cassandra and Tristan be an amazing pair? (Credit: MAFS)

Tristan, her 30-year-old match made by the experts, is looking for one simple thing: he just wants to be loved. He’s ready to give romance a chance – and put himself on the line on MAFS – in order to find it.  

“I’m here to find love, I want to find love,” he said. 

“Tristan is so lovable, so full of life, he’s such a nice guy,” expert Alessandra Rampolla said. “She’s really going to respond to that.” 

tristan cass mafs
The pair were all smiles when they saw each other at the ceremony. (Credit: MAFS)

Their wedding ceremony was filled with nervous giggles, sweet smiles and – of course – the most wonderful speech from Cassandra’s father.  

“Let me tell you a few things about my dearest Cassie. Her mother gave her the name Cassandra, I gave her the name sunshine, and to this day her birth certificate is Cassandra Sunshine because she’s always been my sunshine, even on cloudy days,” he said.

“Cassie, the more I have known you the more I am glad I met your mother. I met her mother at a party like this and I saw her and it was love at first sight… not marriage… it was love at first sight.

“Your mother would be very, very happy and proud of you today. And I know she is here. I truly wish you both a life that is full of love, fun, lots of laughter and there is always much love for you.” 

cassandra dad speech mafs
Cassandra’s dad delivered a memorable speech. (Credit: MAFS)

Of her match, Cassandra told the producers “I think the experts did a great job. He’s funny, bold, courageous and I adore that. I already adore him.” 

Following their wedding, the MAFS couple then set off for their honeymoon in the McLaren Wine Region in South Australia for their honeymoon – which coincided with her 30th birthday.

Treating her to flowers and Tim Tams, it was clear Tristan was keen to kick things off on the right foot. But their early weeks in the competition weren’t as smooth, as Tristan’s struggles with low self-esteem and self-doubt affected their relationship. 

mafs cass and tristan
(Credit: Nine)

Despite their slow-progressing relationship, we were still hopeful Cass and Tristan would make it through the competition. But an argument at Madeleine and Ash’s wedding saw the pair’s relationship take a turn for the worse. 

“I like Tristan a lot, I just want him to be confident in who he is…but I don’t even know if he likes me,” A despondent Cass shared with the cameras. “Is he like, repulsed by me? Is he just not into me? I don’t know. It’s weird between us.”

“I just think we’re in a bit of a stalemate,” Tristan told Cass at the wedding after she asked if they were ok. But her honest response that her experience on the show was a bit “boring,” Tristan, quickly escalated the argument. 

“How are you bored? Like seriously?” he questioned. “Like I’ve planned every date now. I’m trying so hard to make you have fun…what do you want me to do?” 

“Tristan is so sensitive,” Cass later told the cameras. “I did tell Tristan I was bored – but not of him! I’m just frustrated because I need more intimacy.”

After Cass went to the bathroom to cool down, Tristan spoke with the cameras saying, “Whatever. I’m obviously the dude, so I’m obviously the bad guy, so it’s all my fault.”

married at first sight cass and tristan
(Credit: Nine)

Following a night apart, expert John Aiken met with the couple to try and get their relationship back on track. 

Whilst Tristan was caught up on the “boring” comment, Cass explained that it wasn’t about the dates or activities. “It’s about our lack of physical connection,” she shared with the cameras. “He’s a bit insecure, he’s not confident and it’s draining me,” she continued. “I’m over this.”

But the couple’s future was back on track after their session with John as Tristan turned a new page. 

“This intimacy…I realise now that it’s a big big deal,” he told Cass as he apologised. “I need to learn to shut up and listen.”

MAFS Tristan and Cass at Commitment Ceremony
(Credit: Nine)

As the pair enjoyed the Couples Retreat and Cass supported Tristan following Jack’s poolside insults, the groom took his relationship to the next level, revealing he was falling in love. 

But it was a one-sided declaration, to which Cass didn’t feel the same. 

“I really wish that I felt the same way,” she admitted during the difficult commitment ceremony, before revealing she wasn’t sure if she saw a future with her groom. 

“Maybe, I think we’re better as friends,” she added as she shared her choice to leave the experiment. 

A blindsided Tristan was warned by the judges he had one week to turn things around, and he agreed he would give 110%.

But the next week saw the couple both choose to leave the experiment, announcing at the commitment ceremony they had both chosen to leave. 

“My fears kind of happened, I told someone I was falling in love with them and got rejected,” Tristan shared with the experts, adding that the past week saw him retreat. 

As Cass shared with the group her disappointment in leaving the show without love, the pair confirmed they were departing on good terms and felt they were better suited to a friendship.  

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm and Sunday, 7pm, on Channel 9 and 9Now. 

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