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Another year of loveless life has come and gone, and now it’s time for Married At First Sight Australia to return to our screens! We’re kidding, but we are ready to be introduced to another batch of hopeful singles as they embark on their journey to find “true love” on MAFS.

The show may not be known for producing everlasting love at all times, but it is known for stirring up drama, chaos, and dinner party shenanigans. So, who will we be meeting this year? Who will be entangled in the scandals? Scroll through for everything you need to know.

Married At First Sight premiered on Monday, January 29, with our enchanting experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla returning to guide the singles on their journeys.

At a glance, the cast appears to be stacked with all of the usual suspects: a few party boys looking for their “partner in crime,” some lovable-yet-scorned women, and a few self-described “fiery” types for good measure. And they’ve lived up to the hype.

Now, the contestants will be joined by five new intruders joining the cast. Get to know the Married At First Sight Australia 2024 contestants below… 

married at first sight jade

Jade, 26

Another Queenslander joins the cast of MAFS! Jade is a single mother to an eight-year-old daughter, who she’s very protective of. She’s very careful about who she allows into their life – but she is looking for love and wants to find the real deal. Growing up in South Africa before relocating to Australia, Jade has seen plenty of arranged marriages work successfully and believes the MAFS experience may foster a similar result for her.

madeleine mafs

Madeleine, 30

A Psychic Medium, Madeleine is described as energetic, charismatic and… intense. She’s also previously worked as an actor, but switched up professions following a “life-changing ayahuasca experience.”

She’s come to MAFS after leaving her nine-year relationship when she realised she needed a man in her life, not a “boy.” She’s looking for someone loyal and kind, who will accept her as she is.

ash mafs

Ash, 33

Another tattoed, misunderstood groom enters the mix. Ash is “often misjudged” by women, but says he’s a nurturing person at heart. He hasn’t been in love since his last long-term relationship ended eight years ago. He is looking for an authentic partner, who is also willing to accept him fully. 

stephen mafs

Stephen, 26

A hairdresser from Perth, Stephen is described as an empathetic deep thinker looking for love. He was left heartbroken four years ago, when his last partner cheated. But now he’s ready to trust and let his guard down on MAFS.

ridge mafs

Ridge, 27

A two-time Commonwealth Games weightlifter, Ridge juggles his intense fitness routine with his job as a Psychiatric Nurse. 

He’s never been ready for a serious relationship before, but now Ridge is looking for someone who he may not have chosen himself. Ridge is drawn to women with “tidy rigs” who do not take themselves too seriously.


Sara, 29

Born in Colombia before she moved to Canada as a small child, Sara has lived in Australia for the last eight years. An open communicator with a short fuse, which she blames on her Colombian heritage, she is worried that she unintentionally offends people with her honesty.

Sara knows exactly what she wants, which can cause her to dismiss potential partners early on if they don’t meet her high expectations. She sees her perfect match as a light-haired man and is after a “pretty boy” instead of a “gym bro”.

Cassandra MAFS

Cassandra, 29

Bright, bubbly and social, Cassandra is a walking ray of sunshine. As she approaches her thirties, the administrative officer wants to find someone she can raise “a small football team” of children with, just like her own large family.

mafs tori

Tori, 27

Fiercely independent, this self-proclaimed “bulldog” doesn’t need a man in her life, but Tori is ready to make some room for someone if he is Mr Right. The experts might find her hard to please with her long list of what she’s looking for. 

mafs natali

Natalie, 32

The physiotherapist is hoping to find someone who shares her “nerdy” passions of cosplay and gaming. Intensely loyal, Natalie admits to having a bit of a feisty side and goes out of her way to stand up for anyone who she thinks is being treated unfairly.

mafs andrea

Andrea, 51

A big fan of MAFS, Andrea decided while watching an earlier season that she was being “gaslit” in her relationship. After being inspired by the show to ditch her ex, she’s hoping the experts can help her find true love.

ellie mafs

Ellie, 32

After being left heartbroken when her wedding collapsed just a month before the big day, Ellie is finally ready to take a chance and open herself up to the possibility of love again.

mafs lauren

Lauren, 32

With a wickedly dry and cutting sense of humour, the PR and marketing consultant is used to getting attention wherever she goes, but unfortunately, it’s usually the wrong type of guy who is paying it to her. Lauren admits to seeing a lot of “red flags” in the early days when she first meets someone.

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After being single for the last six months, Lauren is ready to fall in love again. She’s hoping to meet someone tall, dark and handsome, who can match her level of banter and make her laugh until she cries.

eden mafs

Eden, 28

The recruitment manager admits she has trust issues after losing the two most important people in her life in one swoop. Her last significant relationship ended after Eden discovered that her partner had been cheating with her best friend.

These days, her best friend is her dog Cub. But now Eden says she is ready to put her trust in the experts to help find her perfect match, who she describes as “ambitious, loyal and generous”.

Over the last few years Eden has become fiercely independent, so can she let her walls down long enough to let Mr Right in?


Lucinda, 43

Love is always on the mind of this modern-day Cupid who runs a speed dating company while juggling another gig working as a marriage celebrant.

While Lucinda dedicates her time to helping others find it, love is something that has continued to elude her … until now, that is! Lucinda is finally ready to put herself first and find The One.

She is hoping the experts have matched her with someone open-minded, who is willing to be vulnerable and is ready to explore the world with her, one adventure at a time.

jonathan mafs

Jonathan, 39

About to hit 40, the health business owner admits he’s made some bad choices in his thirties that have put him behind in his goals – which include him becoming a father. So, it’s time to get serious about finding The One.

An adventurer and risk-taker at heart, Jono packed up everything after his last relationship and spent 15 months visiting over 50 countries where he spent weeks living off the land and hunting for his food to survive, so MAFS should be a piece of cake.  

jack mafs

Jack, 34

The list of things the personal trainer is looking for is lengthy and includes someone who is glamorous, fit, has a nice smile, is tanned and a brunette. The dominant one in a relationship, she’ll have to be happy to let him do the chasing.

michael 24

Michael, 34

Handsome and extroverted, Michael hails from the US where he grew up in a small town in Ohio.

The salesperson has been single for the last five years and admits that he struggles to let someone in because he is afraid of getting hurt. But he is willing to take a chance on MAFS because he is sick of the dating scene and ready to become a dad.

Michael’s dreamboat is someone who is tall, dark and handsome. His perfect partner is also full of confidence and would share similar family values.

A true romantic, Michael says he would do anything for the person he loves.

richard mafs

Richard, 62

A successful motivational speaker, Richard has everything he wants from his work life, but it’s meant his relationships have suffered.

His marriage of 27 years ended as there was no spark left and he recently split with a younger girlfriend who wanted to have kids. With three of his own already, Richard sees this as a deal-breaker. He is looking for someone with a zest for life that he has plenty of chemistry with.

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Ben, 39

His former career as a tour guide meant it was easy for Ben to walk away from relationships, but he is starting to find dating exhausting. Having been extremely picky in the past, Ben wants to overcome his fear of settling and find someone to have adventures with.

collins mafs

Collins, 28

Collins’ experience of dating is zero. He was left heartbroken by a case of unrequited love and has never had a girlfriend. The self-described chatterbox is hoping the experts can find someone he has a spark with and help him move out of the friend zone.

jayden mafs

Jayden, 26

The brother of Mitch Eynaud from Season 9, the professional kickboxer and security guard says his two jobs leave him with little time for finding love. Jayden says he is often misunderstood and labelled as a “bad f–k boy”, but that there is more to him for the right woman.

mafs simon

Simon, 39

The marketing manager was married in his twenties, and he and his ex-wife are still great friends who co-parent their teenage son. Just before his 30th birthday, he came out to his family and friends as gay, and admits he often feels lonely and says dating apps aren’t for him. 

timothy married at first sight

Timothy, 51

A self-confessed “Peter Pan”, Timothy has been single for six years. After recently losing his father, the business owner realised that he is lonely and is looking for someone to share his life with, through the best and worst of times. He is after someone fun.

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tristan mafs

Tristan, 30

With his relationships ending badly, Tristan isn’t sure whether he is self-sabotaging or going after the wrong ladies.

He admits being nervous to date, but thinks it’ll be worth it if he can find the right person. He doesn’t have a big checklist so is leaving it to the experts.

tim mafs

Tim, 31

With classic good looks, plenty of charm and a couple of online businesses, Tim seems to have it all. But the one thing that eludes him is love.

The surfing fanatic split with his recent girlfriend after finding out she had been unfaithful and admits he isn’t fully healed yet. While Tim is open to dating, he continues to have a hard time letting his walls down.

Tim is looking for someone who is funny, emotionally stable, a great conversationalist and exudes feminine energy. 

Now settled on the Gold Coast, Tim has lived all over the world including Colombia, Thailand and Bali. In the future he hopes to open a school in Ethiopia, where his sister was adopted from.

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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