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Here’s Why We Think Jack and Tori’s MAFS Relationship Lasts

“He is literally everything I asked for!"
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Their Married At First Sight co-stars and many viewers insist there are some serious “red flags” that should make Tori Adams pack her bags and run, but she and ‘husband’ Jack Dunkley insist they are in it for the long haul. And surprisingly, the intense scrutiny they face just brings them closer together.

It appears the two are closer than ever in the months following the experiment after Jack answered an Instagram Q&A asking if the pair were thinking of having children. “Tori and I are happy building a life we want to lead at the moment. [There are] many things we wish to accomplish first…[but] I’ve said two years,” the 35-year-old shared before describing his partner as “a gorgeous person inside and out, loyal and driven and hilarious.”

Are Jack and Tori Still Together?

“The main players that you see on MAFS each night are poking and prodding at our relationship to get screen time,” Jack, 34, told WHO as he and Tori join us on the phone for a chat ahead of the season finale. “Meanwhile, they’re ignoring their own marriages and while we just grow closer and stronger, their relationships are starting to crack and fall apart.”

While there have been a few things that have come out of Dunkley’s mouth, like calling some of his co-stars “whales” while lounging around the pool, that doesn’t make him come off as Prince Charming, Tori explained that he is a sweetheart to her in the ways that “really count”. 

“The person that I spent time with during the experiment was someone who was very respectful and supportive of me,” the 27-year-old told WHO. “I felt very comfortable with him from early on. Jack was my rock throughout that whole experience. He always came to the party when I needed it and he’d lift me up.”

Jack and Tori on Married at First Sight
(Credit: Nine)

While Tori may not agree with everything that comes out of Jack’s mouth, she wouldn’t change him. 

“He is literally everything I asked for,” she expalined. “I wanted someone who could allow me to be myself and be a bit independent but at the same time would take on that role and be a man. That’s exactly what I got.”

While their seeming lack of sexual chemistry has been a sticking point for the experts and many fans, Jack told us that abstaining from the act allowed them to build a much stronger foundation that will set them up for success.

“A relationship should not only be built of lust and sex and I think people forgot you’ve really only just met the person you’re with,” he said. “But having Tori stick with me through it and stay by my side… I’m so grateful for the challenges because I’ve ended up with a beautiful and strong woman who is my best friend and a really great lover.”

mafs tori jack final vows
(Credit: Nine)

Jack and Tori’s Final Vows, Explained

Although fans expected to see the couple breeze through the final episode of the experiment, Jack’s departing speech wasn’t exactly clear. 

For Tori, her final vows saw her admit she was falling in love with Jack and ready to move away from her family and join her husband in Queensland. 

“I’m concerned that our biggest connecting factor might have been the brutal environment of the experiment where our loyal personalities bonded over having each other’s back and picking each other up when need be, like teammates, not lovers.”

“Tori I’m sorry to say I didn’t commit myself to this process for a platonic relationship nor a teammate,” he continued. “We’re not in love. So how can I commit to you and ask you to uproot and move your life to the Gold Coast?”

“Before I leave today, I want to thank you. Thank you for carving out an amazing journey with me and I’m sorry. Sorry for the times I let you down. I’m sorry for if whatever reason, I haven’t lived up to the expectations of the amazing guy you deserve to share your life with.”

Although the speech began with negatives, Jack pivoted to a happy ending, admitting; “I am absolutely head over heels for you.” 

“I need to do what is best for me and ultimately best for you. I deserve an equal. Moving forward with you is a massive risk and it’s a risk I’m 100% ready to take…Tori I am absolutely head over heels for you.”

Tori, like most of Australia, was stunned and a little confused. Despite Jack’s list of negatives, it seemed he *did* want to continue the relationship. And for Tori, she was ready to take the “nice” things from the speech and keep on moving ahead….although fans are already looking towards the reunion episodes to get a better understanding of what happened. 

jack married at first sight 2024
Viewers get to know “alpha male” Jack. (Credit: MAFS)

Who are Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams?

Jack, a 34-year-old personal trainer, describes himself as an alpha-male. And if there’s one thing we know about alpha-males, it’s that they usually need to announce that kind of thing.

He was also sure to tell the experts – and viewers at home – that he’s very sexually active, dominant and passionate. He also called himself a mix between Tarzan and Christian Grey, before clarifying he had just “heard” that Christian Grey was kinky in bed (so he probably hasn’t seen the Dakota Johnson masterpiece, Fifty Shades of Grey).

“I have quite a sexual appetite, quite kinky, and I’ve heard that’s what he’s all about as well,” he said of the comparison. 

However, Jack also opened up about his more vulnerable side when producers asked if he thinks people would assume he’s a “f–k boy.”

“I’m gonna say short answer yes, probably. But I’ve been 20, I’ve been 22, I’ve been 24. I definitely had a lot of fun, but I’m 34 now and I’m looking for a wife and a best friend,” he said. “I’m sitting on the couch on a Saturday night lonely, watching movies by myself.”

Although he did follow this up by saying he’s usually attracted to “submissive” women.

Enter Tori, a 27-year-old Business Development Manager who also describes herself as dominant.

mafs jack and tori still together
Tori and Jack share their first kiss. (Credit: MAFS)

“I’m very strong, stern, to the point. I’m absolutely a control freak – and I think going into this process where I have no control will be interesting,” she told producers.

“If something is not going how I would like it to go, it looks like me being a bit of a bulldog I think – harsh, insensitive, aggressive. It’s not nice.”

As for why she’s on MAFS in the first place?   

“I don’t need a person, I don’t need a partner. But I want a person,” she revealed. “I struggle finding a partner because I am so independent.”

The couple were matched up by the love experts, with Alessandra Rampolla claiming “both Jack and Tori are highly sexually driven individuals. Not everybody places sexuality so high up on their priorities list but for them it’s really important. I have high hopes of them gelling in that aspect.”

mafs tori best friend
Tori’s best friend Lea had some reservations about Jack. (Credit: MAFS)

Inside Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams’ wedding day

Their wedding day was off to a good start as they both admitted to being attracted to one another when they met at the altar. As part of her vows, Tori mentioned being a control freak – but Jack didn’t seem too worried.

“I don’t think so,” he said, when producers asked if he thought Tori would be trouble. “I’m looking through those eyes, she seems sweet. I think she’ll challenge me a bit, but I reckon I’ll sort her out and we’ll have a good time.”

Some other wonderful one-liners from his chat with the producers included “I definitely want to play that dominant role to Tori” and “it might be a bit of a power struggle but she’s going to be a good girl.”


While Jack was busy assessing the scene at the reception for ways to be dominant, Tori’s best friend and bridesmaid, Lea, was busy noticing what she described as a red flag: most of Jack’s wedding guests appeared to be his clients from the gym.

Though Tori said she appreciated Lea’s concerns, but the bride said she had none of her own. 

“Lea’s got my back wholeheartedly and I feel supported, but Jack and I are similar, we get along, we like each other, there is that connection there. I’m a dominant person and I don’t take bullshit from anyone. I can handle my own. When it comes to Jack, I’ll handle it – I don’t see any issues at all,” she told producers. 

For what it’s worth, Lea maintains she’ll be right in the end.

“When it comes to Tori and relationships, I feel like I am 99% of the time… accurate with the outcome. You wait, you’re all going to say ‘lea was right,'” she said.

married at first sight jack ex girlfriend
Not everyone believed Jack’s story… (Credit: Nine)

What we know about Jack Dunkley’s ex-girlfriend 

As the participants of the new season geared up for their very first dinner party, the drama ramped up as they discovered a gossip article claiming Jack was in a relationship prior to entering the experiment and left his partner to appear on the show.

“I turned my phone on in the morning and it was blowing up,” Jack explained. “This girl’s just obviously made a deal of it – she wants her three seconds of fame… I don’t know what she’s chasing. Basically, the nuts and bolts of it were that I entered into a very casual, respectful relationship early on in the year. It wasn’t serious, it was never long term for me and it’s a shame it’s gone like this.” 

The article, however, disputes a few key details in the “casual” relationship, insisting the relationship was serious enough for the couple to meet each other’s parents and that instead of revealing his MAFS-related plans, Jack told his then-partner he was planning to move to America for a short time. 

By the time the first official dinner party rolled around, the rumours and discussions about Jack and his previous relationship were at an all-time high, but Jack was unbothered, telling Tim “it’s very insignificant” before describing his ex as “crazy.” 

“Blame the woman and call her crazy, we’ve heard that before,”  Mel Schilling who was watching the footage alongside the other MAFS experts chimed in.

jack and tori mafs
(Credit: Nine)

As the meal drew to a close, Jayden took one for the team after admitting the environment was “boring” as people were playing it “safe,” asking Jack directly to address the “elephant in the room.”

“I’ve got a disgruntled ex basically,” Jack told everyone before his fellow MAFS participants questioned him about his relationship, lies and reasons for joining the show. 

“It’s all out of context,” he added. “It was a very casual but exclusive relationship…She fell a little bit harder for me and a little bit quicker.”

“She’s thrown me under the bus,” he claimed before drawing attention to her “colourful past” and inability to read the writing on the wall that their relationship was over.

But he confirms to the dinner party that he did try and end it “about six or seven weeks ago,” long before he knew he was participating in the experiment – an excuse quickly disputed by the MAFS experts who revealed he was “well into the experiment process” by then. 

While many of the contestants don’t believe Jack’s story – his partner, Tori does. “I’m absolutely happy,” she tells those around her. “I don’t trust easily but I think at some point there is an element of trusting… It’s fine honestly and does not need to be a conversation moving forward.”

“I don’t care what he was doing before he was here,” she later tells the cameras. “To be honest it’s no one else’s business.”

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