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MAFS Jess breaks silence over allegations Dan cheated on her

We can't keep up with these two!
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Anyone else ever so slightly exhausted by the whole Jess and Dan are they aren’t they in a relationship saga?

Listen to Jess speak out about Dan’s cheating allegations:

Following their epically tense interview on Talking Married, Jess raised a few eyebrows when she quoted Ariana Grande’s infamous breakup song, ‘Thank You, Next’ alongside a glamorous Instagram post.

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And now, the blonde beauty has broken her silence on allegations that Dan had cheated on her.

On April 10, a woman named Hannah called up the Kyle and Jackie O show claiming that Dan had attempted to take her home and had kissed her while at a bar about two months ago.

She also claimed that an emotional Jess had contacted her about the cheating rumours.

 ‘Hey babe, sorry to message you but I’m an absolute emotional wreck right now. Can you please tell me what happened with Dan? I’ve just been through so much I feel like maybe this will help me move on,’ began Jess’ text to Hannah, which was read out by Jackie O live on air.


‘This isn’t the first cheating allegation I’ve suffered either. It’s just so heartbreaking I’ve moved my entire life here. He said he has never seen you in his life but my gut just doesn’t believe it.’

However, earlier on today, Jess called up Kyle and Jackie to set the record straight, claiming the allegations were ‘rubbish.’

“I’ve put myself through the ringer on this TV show and I don’t want to be hearing these rubbish allegations,” she began.

When Kyle asked Jess if she was still in a relationship with Dan, she claimed that she is still ‘so in love” with him but that they are currently “working through a lot of things’.

“Yeah, we’re working through a lot of things at the minute,” Jess continued.

“We’ve had a few problems here and there along the way. You know, this is a really really hard situation to be in, especially when you’re trying to build a relationship.”

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“Watching back the reunion definitely brought back some of his emotions…and then now we’ve had these hating allegations.”

“Then I’ve had some girl message me yesterday saying that she wants to catch up with me because the Hannah girl isn’t to be trusted and I don’t know,” 

Jess also stated that Dan had told her the cheating allegations aren’t true.

“He says it’s not true and you know what, Dan, I just don’t see him doing that. People are throwing around cheating allegations on my end and on his end and I just think, why would we put ourselves through so much effort and all this emotional stress to just cheat on each other.”

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