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Married At First Sight Jessika’s baby scandal: Who is the father?

DNA test drama rocks the show, according to sensational report

Just when you thought this season of Married at First Sight couldn’t get any more scandalous, this happens.

After the experts matched her with country larrikin Mick, part-time model Jessika has thrown the experiment into disarray by having an on-screen affair with new groom, Dan.

Now, in news set to send shockwaves across the nation, it can be revealed that not only are Jess and Dan still together, but they’ve already taken their relationship to the next level and are planning to welcome a baby into the world.

“It’s a big commitment,” Jessika tells New Idea of starting a family. “But I want kids and, to me, it is quite important.”

While Dan already has a child from a previous relationship, Jessika, who comes from a family of five, admits she would like a big brood.

“I would love four or five kids,” she says with a laugh.

However, it turns out this isn’t the first time Jess has been at the centre of MAFS pregnancy rumours in recent months.

In fact, according to New Idea‘s on-set spy, the blonde beauty often joked with fellow participant Martha about what would happen if one of them were to fall pregnant during the experiment.

(Credit: New Idea)

“Jess’ last relationship ended because she wanted kids and he didn’t so she would joke to the girls about having Mick’s baby,” our source explains, adding at one stage during filming Jess actually thought she might be pregnant.

“One time when all the girls were sitting around Jess just said out of nowhere ‘I could be [pregnant], who knows’ when talking about getting intimate with their partners. That’s when the others like Tamara and Susie got a bit nasty and were like, ‘is it Mick’s or Dan’s?’.

(Credit: Diimex)

“It was a running joke among the other participants because as soon as Dan came on the scene, Jess just pounced. It was like Mick never existed even though they were intimate on a number of occasions, too.”

Prior to the show airing, New Idea caught up with Jess and asked her how she felt about her actions during the experiment, which included seducing another bride’s groom.

“I’ve never been the type of person to judge someone based on their actions,” she said in response.

“I just think, ‘you do you’ and damn the rest.”

Meanwhile, adding further proof Jessika and Dan are set to become parents, the Perth native recently liked a post shared by Dan’s brother, Sam, on Instagram, where he is seen holding a piece of paper which reads “family is everything”.

Jess commented with five Hallelujah emojis of a person raising both hands in celebration.

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