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Jessika Power faces lip augmentation backlash as she shows off new work

Extreme 'duck face'
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Is Jessika Power‘s cosmetic surgery habit out of control? 

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Fans seem to think so, as Jess’s Instagram followers pleaded with the star to stop getting lip fillers after she debuted a dramatically plumper pout on Wednesday. 

The 27-year-old reality TV star showed off her cosmetically-enhanced lips on her Instagram stories on a night out with boyfriend Nick Furphy. 

jessika huge lips
(Credit: Instagram )

Looking like she’s had even more lip filler added into her already enormous lips, Jess posed with a glass of wine and pouted for the camera. 

She then added a photograph of herself from 2010, when she was just 19, where her natural lip shape can be seen.

jessika power age 19 before surgery
(Credit: Instagram )

While from Jess’s caption she doesn’t seem too happy with her appearance in the photo, we can’t help but prefer the natural look on her. 

“2010 Jess. I never smiled as I had horrible teeth and was very self conscious of that,” Jess captioned the throwback snap. 

“I feel it shows in this photo and I actually get a little sad looking at it.”

While Jess has been open about the thousands of dollars she’s spent on her cosmetic surgeries – including veneers, lip fillers and cheek fillers, and a breast lift – some fans believe she’s gone to the extreme as far as her lips are concerned. 

“You’ve overdone your lips 😨” one fan commented on a recent Instagram upload. 

“Jessika i love you but please leave your lips alone…im not hating but i just think your [sic] gorgeous the way you are right now ❤” said another worried fan. 

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