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Is this who win’s MasterChef? Ex-Contestant’s let slip who they think will take out the winning spot

"I will be backing him until the end."
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This year’s season of MasterChef Australia has seen 18 of the country’s most talented home cooks battle it out in the kitchen to see who will take out the top spot. 

Watch Below: Robbie is eliminated from MasterChef

Despite a large number of contestants still cooking their hearts out in the competition – fans want to know one thing. Who will win MasterChef Australia 2023? 

Although the show was pre-filmed, the cast and crew have remained tight-lipped on any rumours – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any hints about who will take out the coveted top title and $250,000 prize money. 

How? We went straight to the source of course! Here’s what the eliminated contestants of the season had to say about who they think will win. 

Phil and Grace think Theo could win MasterChef Australia 2023. (Credit: Ten)

“I really feel like anyone could win it at the moment,” Phil Conway shared with New Idea following his elimination. “But Theo is who I roomed with from day one so I will be backing him until the end.”

Fan-favourite Robbie Cooper also shared who saw going the distance in the competition, telling New Idea that he believed Declan would stick around for a while and could even win. 

“We have a special bond,” Robbie shared with the publication shortly after he was eliminated. 

Robbie and Antonio think Declan could win (Credit: Ten)

Antonio is also backing Declan, telling New Idea that the full cast were “all amazing.”

“I know that any one of them can actually make it. [But] I would love to see Declan or Rhiannon [in the final two].”

Although Grace’s time in the kitchen may have been cut short, her experience on MasterChef saw her form close friendships with Amy, Theo, Brent and Phil. “We were able to share lots of awesome dinners and coffees in the morning,” she explained to WHO, before hinting that she and her her pals were cooking up some future plans together. 

Now, as we near the halfway mark for the season, fans are starting to guess who will take out the top spot and be crowned MasterChef for 2023. For Grace, she’s hopeful either of her friends still in the competition, Theo and Brent will win. “I’m really hoping that either of them will go super well and make it to the end.”

Could Malissa take the top spot this season? (Credit: Ten)

Recently eliminated Rue has a different top contender in mind for MasterChef 2023. “Everyone who is left is quite great,” she told our sister site NowToLove

“I’m a girls girl,” she continued, “I love my girl Malissa, she is definitely a contender.”

“I am also going to go for my girl Rhiannon and also Theo.”

Malissa also shared with us her thoughts on the MasterChef winner. “This is such a tough question because one thing I learned while being on MasterChef was that you can be the best cook but it really depends on the challenge of the day,” she explained.

“Anyone can make any kind of mistake so it’s really hard to pick a winner because everyone is so great. You know, I’ve got my two besties in the competition: Declan and Rhi, so I’m hoping that they will be up there!”

After just missing out making the final four, Cath revealed to TV WEEK that while Brent and Theo are great chefs, she will be backing Rhiannon and Declan to take out the top spot.
“I love all of them but I’ve got to go with Rhi and Declan,” she explained.
“Rhi who’s my best buddy and I’ve got Declan who’s my adopted son – who we fight over – he is just such a delight. I would just love one of those guys [to win].”

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