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Brent Draper Crowned Winner of MasterChef Australia 2023

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In the world of competitive cooking, MasterChef Australia has long reigned supreme, captivating audiences with its blend of talent, drama, and mouthwatering creations. 

The highly anticipated 2023 season of the renowned culinary competition drew to a breathtaking close in its grand finale, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as the top two contestants—Rhiannon and Brent —vied for the prestigious title.

With hearts racing and taste buds tingling, the nation watched with bated breath to discover who would be crowned the victor.

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Among the triumphant finalists, it was Brent who ultimately emerged victorious, claiming the highly coveted title of MasterChef Australia 2023. His culinary prowess, unwavering determination, and ability to create dishes that transcended mere sustenance truly set him apart. Brent’s journey on the show captivated the nation, and his victory will now be part of MasterChef history.

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However, this particular season of MasterChef Australia held an additional layer of significance, as it marked the final episode to feature beloved judge Jock Zonfrillo.

The news of his untimely passing earlier this year cast a bittersweet shadow over the whole season and especially the finale, leaving fans with a profound sense of loss.

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Throughout the season, Rhiannon and Brent showcased exceptional skills, pushing the boundaries of their culinary artistry with each challenge. Their growth and transformation as aspiring chefs inspired viewers nationwide, fostering a deep connection between the contestants and the passionate audience that followed their every move.

But it was Brent who ultimately took out the top spot following a tense last episode. 

It was a close top three! (Credit: Ten)

It came as a surprise that Brent won, with a number of fellow contestants revealing who they thought would win the season. 

Fan-favourite Robbie Cooper shared who saw going the distance in the competition, telling New Idea that he believed Declan would stick around for a while and could even win. 

“We have a special bond,” Robbie shared with the publication shortly after he was eliminated.

Antonio is also backing Declan, telling New Idea that the full cast were “all amazing.”

“I know that any one of them can actually make it. [But] I would love to see Declan or Rhiannon [in the final two].”

Malissa also shared with us her thoughts on the MasterChef winner. “This is such a tough question because one thing I learned while being on MasterChef was that you can be the best cook but it really depends on the challenge of the day,” she explained.

“Anyone can make any kind of mistake so it’s really hard to pick a winner because everyone is so great. You know, I’ve got my two besties in the competition: Declan and Rhi, so I’m hoping that they will be up there!”

After just missing out making the final four, Cath revealed to TV WEEK that while Brent and Theo are great chefs, she will be backing Rhiannon and Declan to take out the top spot.
“I love all of them but I’ve got to go with Rhi and Declan,” she explained.
“Rhi who’s my best buddy and I’ve got Declan who’s my adopted son – who we fight over – he is just such a delight. I would just love one of those guys [to win].”

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