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The forgotten interview that shows Nick Cummins revealed months ago he picked no one on the Bachelor Australia


While we’re all looking for clues as to why Nick Cummins decided to pick neither Brittany or Sophie on The Bachelor Australia finale – an interview with Men’s Health may clear all that up. 

In his chat, Mr Bach was asked about his dream girl, and he said: “I’d create her myself. It wouldn’t be one of the ones on the show, that’s for sure”.

And we’re all left wondering, “why did the show drag out!?”

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Men’s Health explained when asking the questions, a Ten publicist seemed nervous.  

Nick then cleared up, “Did you mean on the show? I mean… it… it wouldn’t be anyone that I’ve already met… If it was me on the first episode last night, it wouldn’t have been one of them.”


When asked if he’d do The Bachelor again – in case he didn’t find love – Nick confessed, “Ah, I’ve done my dash. Nah, mate, I need to spend a good few years out of the [dating] game.”

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