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Who Has Been Eliminated From The Amazing Race Australia 2023: Celebrity Edition?

The race is over for these famous faces.
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The Amazing Race Australia is officially back for 2023, with the series’ first-ever celebrity lineup ready to race their way to $100,000 for their chosen charity.

Throughout the race, the famous faces’ teamwork and tenacity will be tested through a series of complex challenges across India, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Borneo.

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While some teams may rise to the top of the leaderboard, not all celebrity duos will work their way to the front of the race and will be eliminated from the competition. 

With the race well and truly underway, scroll down to find out who has been eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition so far. 

Who has left The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition?

Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs. (Credit: Ten)

Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs

As the teams raced through the jungles of Borneo for the penultimate leg of The Amazing Race Australia, Harry and Teddy, unfortunately, struggled with several “mapcidents,” with the duo losing time after getting lost on the way to the raft-building challenge. 

Despite their best efforts, the two reality stars were sadly the last to reach the semi-final pit stop and were eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia. 

Jana Pittman and Cornelis Rawlinson. (Credit: Ten)

Jana Pittman and Cornelis Rawlinson

Working their way to the middle of the pack, mother-son duo Jana and Cor’s patience was put to the test during their final challenge, with the duo tasked with harvesting over six metres of silk from the stems of lotus flowers. 

With emotions running high, the pair continued to work together throughout the final challenge before racing against Alli and Angie Simpson for the final place at the pit stop, with the pair sadly being eliminated. 

Rebecca Judd and Kate Twigley. (Credit: Ten)

Rebecca Judd and Kate Twigley

As The Amazing Race continued through Cambodia, sisters Rebecca and Kate were consistently running towards the front of the pack. The duo were then confronted with a less-than-appetizing roadblock, with the pair challenged to eat an assortment of fried tarantula, crickets, and other bugs.

Unable to overcome their fear of spiders, the duo took a 60-minute time penalty in order to skip the challenge. Unfortunately for Rebecca and Kate, they were eliminated from the race, with the remaining teams reaching the pit stop as they served their penalty. 

George Mladenov and Pamela Mladenov. (Credit: Ten)

George Mladenov and Pamela Mladenov

After sneaking their way through the pack, siblings George and Pamela started to fall behind during the detour challenge, with the duo unable to find their lantern as quickly as their fellow competitors and therefore, arrived last to the pit stop.

“The fact that [our elimination] came down to one little bit of bad luck that ended our time in the race is something that I’m very proud of. I think it showed that two ordinary people from the suburbs with different personalities and a large age gap can do very well,” George told Ten. 

Jackie Gillies and Ben Gillies. (Credit: Ten)

Jackie Gillies and Ben Gillies

Travelling through Langkawi on the fifth leg of the race, Ben and Jackie Gillies were put to the test during their chaotic crab-catching challenge.

After landing in Penang, the teams were on a race to the finish following their detour task, with the final leg culminating in a foot race between Alli and Angie Simpson and Jackie and Ben.

Despite their best efforts, the couple were the last to arrive at the pit stop and were sadly eliminated from the race. 

Peter Rowsthorn and Frankie Rowsthorn. (Credit: Ten)

Peter Rowsthorn and Frankie Rowsthorn

Father-daughter duo Peter and Frankie were strong contenders during the third leg of The Amazing Race Australia. 

Journeying through Langkawi, the pair worked their way through the challenging roadblock task before setting off on the final stretch of the race. Feeling they had missed a crucial turn-off on their journey, Frankie and Peter lost precious time as they doubled back, with the duo sadly being the last to arrive at the pit stop.

Dane Simpson and Bow Simpson. (Credit: Ten)

Dane Simpson and Bow Simpson

Throughout the first leg of the race through the bustling streets of New Dehli, comedian Dane Simpson and his father Bow were unfortunately towards the back of the pack during each of the challenges.

Although they managed to slightly close the gap towards the other teams during the final language challenge, Dane and Bow were sadly the last to arrive at the pit stop.  

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