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The Bachelors 2023 Winners Have Been Revealed

The Bachelors have officially found The One!
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After nearly three weeks of drama, romantic gestures, and heartbreak, The Bachelors has come to an end for the second time in 2023. 

Joining the dating show on their quest for true love, bachelors Ben Waddell, Luke Bateman, and Wesley Senna Cortes quickly got to know each of the 24 ladies hoping to win their hearts. 

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While some of the contestants immediately hit it off with this year’s bachelors, unfortunately, not everyone shared the same instant chemistry.

Although some hopeful hearts struggled to make an impression during their time together, others were quick to catch the eye of one (or two) of the Bachelors. 

The Bachelors made their final decision. (Credit: Ten)

From shameless date crashing to secret smooches, the final stages of The Bachelors saw each of the remaining contestants working to further cultivate their connections with Ben, Luke, and Wesley in the hopes of receiving the final rose. 

The final days in the mansion were also not smooth sailing for our three bachelors either, with Ben deciding to officially put an end to his love triangle by handing one of his final roses to Luke to give to his frontrunner Ellie. 

the bachelor winner ben mckenna
(Credit: Ten)

With each of the bachelors down to their final two contestants, it officially came time for Ben, Luke, and Wesley to make the heart-wrenching decision of who they would give their final rose to. 

For Bachelor Ben, his journey throughout the competition has been about finding the perfect partner to share his busy lifestyle and passions with. 

Reflecting on his quest for love, Ben’s heart was torn between Mckenna and Angela.

But it was Mckenna who Ben united with during the final rose ceremony decision.
“I haven’t felt true love for a long time, but I’m falling into that place with you,” he told her. “I can’t wait to start a future with you, if you’ll have me.”
“I’d love to” she replied. 
the bachelor ellie luke
(Credit: Ten)

Early in the competition, loveable lumberjack Luke cultivated a strong connection with 29-year-old beauty therapist Ellie, with the couple’s bond continuing to strengthen despite the drama and chaos of The Bachelors. 

As his connection with Ellie continued to strengthen, Luke was also charmed by Lani, with the pair’s wholesome bond quickly becoming a fan favourite. 

Despite having a genuine connection with both Ellie and Lani, Luke had to sincerely deliberate about who would be receiving his final rose, with the former NRL star choosing Ellie as his perfect match. 

“This is hard for me to say, but I’ve lied to you. I haven’t been honest with you and it’s been tearing me up inside,” Luke said to Ellie at the final rose ceremony.
“I once told you that I’ve only ever felt this way towards someone twice in my life, I now realise that was a lie,” he continued. “Ellie, I’ve never felt the way I do for you, for anyone else.”
Wesley choose Brea ahead of the final rose ceremony. (Credit: Ten)

Entering the competition to find his soulmate, Wesley’s journey for love was guided strongly by his faith. 

Despite their connection initially causing some drama amongst the contestants, 25-year-old mining administrator Brea began to emerge as a frontrunner in the race for Wesley’s heart, with Wesley choosing Brea as his perfect match ahead of the final rose ceremony. 

Speaking to his fellow bachelors, Wesley revealed that he was instantly drawn to Brea as soon as he first saw her, saying, “I looked over to the back. She was very nervous and I just knew.”

Wesley broke The Bachelor rulebook this season and was the first man to only pursue one woman ahead of the final rose ceremony — Brea. But it wasn’t quite a done deal, with the final rose ceremony focused on if Brea would agree to a relationship despite their differing values. 
“We have so much going against us. We come from completely different worlds. Totally different ways of dating,” Wes said during the final rose ceremony. “And we live 2,400km apart.
“I know I have so much to learn when it comes to relationships,” he continued. “But if you are willing, I’d love for this relationship to be one that defies the odds…Brea, would you like to be my girlfriend?”
“You make me smile from ear to ear, but that’s not enough for me right now,” Brea replied during the tough conversation.
“I’ve been seeing excuses and I haven’t been seeing solutions for us from your end,” she continued. “I don’t want to start a relationship on the foundation that I am compromising everything that is important to me in a relationship.”

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