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The Masked Singer Australia 2023 Winner Has Been Unmasked!

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After two months of show-stopping performances and cryptic contestant clues, The Masked Singer Australia has officially come to an end for 2023. 

Throughout the course of the season, fans have been treated to some of The Masked Singer’s most star-studded celebrity reveals to date, with the season unmasking stars such as La Toya Jackson and Courtney Act. 

WATCH: The Masked Singer Australia 2023 Contestant Teaser. Article continues after video. 

Despite the immense talent on The Masked Singer stage, only Grim Reaper, Bouncer, and Snow Fox were able to sing their way into the grand finale. 

Following a nail-biting vote, the judges officially crowned their champion, with Snow Fox finally being announced as the winner of The Masked Singer Australia. 

X-Factor alumni Dami Im was crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia. (Credit: Ten)

While many were excited to find out which mask took home the win, fans were even more excited to witness the season’s final reveal, with Dami Im being unmasked as the voice behind the latest Masked Singer Australia champion. 

Speaking after her unmasking, Dami told the judges, “It feels amazing to be out, but also, it’s kind of really great because I actually won X Factor here on this same stage 10 years ago. Exactly 10 years ago. I’m back here winning this.”

Dami also shared a heartwarming anecdote with judge Mel B, saying, “I came to Australia when I was nine years old. I didn’t speak a word of English, but I learnt to speak by listening to Spice Girls songs.” 

Bouncer finished in third place, with Conrad Sewell being revealed as the voice behind the mask. (Credit: Ten)

Along with Snow Fox’s unmasking, fans also were able to finally discover the famous faces behind the two runner-ups.

In a reveal that came unsurprisingly to fans, Australian singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell was revealed as the voice behind Bouncer.

“Hughsey’s my man! He knows me,” Conrad joked after his reveal, with judge Dave Hughes being the only one to correctly guess the third-place finisher. 

When asked why he decided to participate in The Masked Singer Australia, Conrad told the judges, “For me, like, I care so much about performing. I love performing so much, but it’s a lot of pressure. I just thought it would be a cool thing to experience not going out there and not everyone knowing it was me for a second.” 

Savage Garden star Darren Hayes was crowned runner-up of The Masked Singer Australia. (Credit: Ten)

Fans were also excited to finally uncover the voice behind Grim Reaper, with Darren Hayes being revealed as the runner-up of The Masked Singer Australia. 

Praising the Savage Garden star, judges Abbie Chatfield and Mel B thanked Darren for his role as an LGBTQIA+ advocate in the music industry, with Abbie sharing her gratitude for the role of Darren’s music in her journey with her sexuality. 

Following his emotional reveal, Darren told judge Abbie Chatfield, “I cried the first time you cried. I was inside that mask on episode one and I started crying, and then every time you cried, then I had to try and sing.”

“I never thought I would do this show. I’m so glad that I did this show. Really, it’s been like a warm hug, and I really needed that. I’ve had a tough year, and it’s been a really, really beautiful warm hug.” 

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