Rebecca Judd thinks her three-year-old twins know how to pick locks

She can't escape them!
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Like many other busy mothers who are working from home, Rebecca Judd’s four children are starting to test her patience.

WATCH: Rebecca Judd fears her children are PICKING LOCKS in her house 

After attempting to outrun them and hide in secret locations, the WAG— who recently endured a VERY awkward Instagram blunder— revealed on her 3pm Pick Up radio program that her three-year-old twins Tom and Darcy had managed to do the unthinkable— pick locks! 

“I was working in my bedroom and I had locked the door but in between my bedroom and the twin’s bedroom, there’s a window you can see through,” she told her co-host Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond. 


Bec and her hubby have their hands full with four children. (Credit: Instagram)

“I thought, ‘God, they’re going to come in and bang the door down.’ So I snuck into the ensuite and sat on the toilet with my laptop. God, I was efficient.” 

Just moments after settling in and finding a quiet place to power through her work, unbeknownst to Bec, her kids managed to break in!

Playing a short clip she recorded after they burst through the door, the perplexed activewear mogul could be heard asking one of her toddlers how they entered the room, however “it’s still a mystery”. 

She’s been open about the difficulties of working in self isolation. (Credit: Instagram)

The wife of former AFL star Chris Judd has been documenting her daily routine in isolation, candidly admitting her kids have been driving her up the wall!

Taking to Instagram last week, Bec revealed Oscar, eight, Billie, Five, and her twins had completely trashed their newly renovated home in Melbourne! 

Sharing the carnage with her followers, she showed photos of their dining room table scattered with empty cups and art supplies along with half a dozen chairs and pillows they’d thrown on the ground in an attempt to create an indoor cubby house.

“So while I was outside cleaning the grout, my kids were inside and I thought I’d show you what they did!” she said in a video posted to her Instagram Story. 

I wouldn’t be cleaning this either! LOL. (Credit: Instagram)

“Yep, apparently they were building a cubby and then maybe there was an earthquake or something,” she said sarcastically. “But far out, I am not cleaning this s**t up!” 

While we’re unsure who was forced to clean the mess, she was on her hands and knees scrubbing last week when she discovered the tradies working on her home had left something particularly foul behind.

“It was kind of at the back of the bathroom under the vanity. We just renovated our house and we obviously had tradies building the house and the tradies, how nice is this, brought their own toilet bowl scrubber brush with them and they left it there,” Bec confessed on air.

In true Bec style, she said she had only recently discovered the item after her Miele $1699 robot vacuum bumped into it while cleaning.

“I only saw it when Kevin nudged it and tried to clean around it. And just like that, voila, we have a toilet brush!”

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