WATCH: You’ll never guess which Riverdale star shows off his INSANE abs

Be still, beating heart.
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Is a ripped rig a prerequisite for scoring a role on Riverdale?


The latest star to take our breath away is none other than the villainous Hiram Lodge – AKA Mark Consuelos.

The 47-year-old appeared on fellow hottie KJ Apa’s Instagram story where he showed off his serious six-pack.

“KJ, have you seen my phone?” he quizzed as he peeled up his T-shirt to reveal his impressive body of art.

“I haven’t seen it,” 21-year-old KJ replied, capturing every inch of his co-star’s rippling torso.

The secret to Mark, KJ, Cole Sprouse and Charles Melton’s hot bods, according to their trainer Alex Fine, is two 45 minute workouts each day!

“Their cardio is usually sprinting on the treadmill and the afternoon is mostly body weight workouts,” he told WHO. “Pull-ups, push-ups and about 10 to 15 minutes of abs every day.”

And for those of us who aren’t paid to look top notch? “For the person that doesn’t have that kind of time, you can get enough out of it with a 45-minute workout in the morning,” he explained. “It’s totally fine, it’s just, they look like that for a reason. All of them are in extremely great shape.”


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