Who is Rudy Pankow dating? Meet the Outer Banks star’s girlfriend

Fortunately for him, unfortunately for us, Pankow is in a relationship.
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Netflix’s resident hot-boy, Rudy Pankow, has finally returned to our screens in Outer Banks Season Three. With certifiable ‘golden retriever energy’ (as coined by fans), his breakout role as JJ catapulted him to instant stardom.

Accompanying his newfound Hollywood status, queries into the star’s love life are rife. With questions of current relationships echoing across the Internet every time her enters the screen, we expect this will be no different once OBX 3 airs.

WATCH: Outer Banks Season Three official trailer. Article continues after video.

Here, your curiosity is answered once and for all…

Rudy Pankow’s relationship status…answered. (Credit: Instagram)

Is Rudy Pankow in a relationship?

Fortunately for him (unfortunately for us), Pankow is in a relationship. His girlfriend, Elaine Siemek, works as an assistant on Outer Banks, where the two of them met.

Pankow hard-launched their relationship in November 2020 on his Instagram, posting an adorable birthday commemoration.

Rudy Pankow is in a happy two + year relationship! (Credit: Instagram)

You give me butterflies everyday… literally. Happy Birthday PBM❤️,” he wrote. 

Siemek, who also works as a film photographer shares cute couple snaps to her page too, reminding fans just how taken Pankow is.

Siemek shared a heartfelt birthday tribute to her boyfriend. (Credit: Instagram)

Rudy Pankow and Elaine Siemek

Given their closeness (and Pankow’s die-hard fanbase) fans have, sadly, hit out at Siemek. In November 2021, Pankow took to Instagram to set the record straight.

Unfortunately I’m here to call out the disrespect and harassment someone who I love dearly is getting on a daily basis,” he wrote.

Siemek was the target of hateful rumours. (Credit: Instagram)

“It has gotten to the degree where lies are being spread and accusations are being said that go beyond the normal “hate.” Not only is she not what she is being accused of being, she is the complete opposite and actively is so.”

Since, rumours also swirled around the same time in 2022. According to semi-recent social media frenzy, Siemek cheated on Pankow whilst on the Outer Banks set.

While this was debunked by Siemek herself, it’s evident that upset surrounding their relationship has continued on.

Ultimately, the pair have continued on a strong path in spite of their adverse circumstances. As seen across the media, they still appear very much in love and that, we think, should be celebrated!

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