Sam Frost & Jordie Hansen Reflect On Their Blossoming Romance

"Love is growth and it is continuously changing."
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Since crossing paths in Melbourne in 2022, The Bachelor star Sam Frost and Australian Survivor’s Jordie Hansen‘s love has continued to blossom. 

Celebrating their engagement in July 2022, Sam previously recounted her heartwarming proposal story, sharing that fiance Jordie made the spontaneous decision to pop the question while on a road trip through outback Australia. 

“We were at Uluru. We’d just woken up and were having brekky and we were about to head back down south. Sambo had just been delivered her coffee, and so I said to her, ‘When would you say yes to getting married?’,” Jordie shared, revealing that he proposed later that day. 

WATCH: Sam Frost and Jordie Hansen’s road trip. Article continues after video. 

Now, celebrating nearly two years of engagement, the pair have also welcomed their first child, son Ted, in March 2023. Speaking to WHO, Jordie revealed how the couple’s relationship has evolved since becoming parents, stating, “Love is growth and it is continuously changing, and so you’re always having to re-learn.” 

“It’s this constant thing that you’re always working on and [I] go, ‘Okay, well today [Sam] is feeling like this, so I need to do this’ or ‘Today, I’m feeling like this [so] I have to talk about this.’ It’s constant.” 

Jordie proposed to Sam after five months of dating. (Credit: Instagram)

Reflecting on their relationship, the couple shared that they continue to take time to express their love for one another every day. 

“[Jordie] is very romantic, thoughtful, and sentimental. Honestly, there isn’t a day that has gone by where he hasn’t shown me what I mean to him,” Sam told WHO. 

“When Sam knows I’ve been busy and working, she’ll say, “Hey, I reckon you probably just need a day with Ted”… It’s such a kind gesture that shows how she recognises what I’m feeling and [what I] need without me having to say anything,” Jordie continuedadding that both he and Sam have also been prioritising time together as a couple.

“Another thing we’ve been doing more recently is date nights. We call them date afternoons because we fall asleep early, but Sam has been organising them and they’ve been really nice.”

The happy couple met through Sam’s brother. (Credit: Instagram)

Since moving in together and embracing the busyness of parenthood, Sam and Jordie revealed that their life together at home is not without their fair share of hilarious quirks. 

“Sam doesn’t mind leaving a dish out in a random spot. I find them in cupboards and stuff all over the house and I don’t even know how they got there,” Jordie laughed, with Sam adding, “That’s true! If I need to clean up quickly, I’ll chuck anything anywhere.”

“If you find a random dirty dish in the closet, it means that someone has been over and I was trying to hide the mess.” 

Sam also offered a glimpse into Jordie’s at-home habits, sharing, “Jordie loves chatting on the phone and he’s always pacing around the house talking and sometimes doesn’t realise how loud he’s being.”

“When Ted needs to have a sleep, I’m always banging on the window and mouthing, ‘Shut up, you’re so loud,’ so that’s the most annoying thing. If that’s it, I’m actually a pretty lucky lady.” 

The couple welcomed their son Ted in March 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

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