Do we already know who wins SAS Australia 2021?

Is this recruit pulling ahead of the rest?
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In the last week of SAS Australia we’ve gone from 10 to five final contestants battling it out on the most gruelling reality TV show Australia has to offer.

Designed to replicate the real-life SAS selection process, and run by literal soldiers, this show has celebrities often buckling under the pressure – and not even those that complete the course are guaranteed to pass selection.

WATCH BELOW: Sam Burgess gets emotional on SAS Australia

However, we might already know who will be passing selection at the upcoming finale.

According to Sportsbet, Sam Burgess is most likely, with odds at 1.17.

The former NRL player has featured heavily this season, with viewers getting insight into his marriage breakdown, his interactions with the law, the loss of his father, and the end of his career as a football player.

Sam is closely followed on the ladder by John Steffensen, the former Olympic track and field athlete who has thus far been passing most challenges on the course flawlessly.

Sam is tipped most-likely to win. (Credit: Seven)

While John has been featured less so than Sam, his dedication to passing sees the odds leaning in his favour at 1.28.

Third-likely to ‘win’ (or just pass selection) is fellow former athlete, and now doctor, Jana Pittman, with odds at 1.40.

Fans of the show have been very impressed with Jana’s grit, as well as the daily life she leads – a mum to four, including a baby still under one, who works as a doctor in with a focus in women’s health.

Jana is the last woman standing. (Credit: Seven)

Jana winning would be quite a big deal, given that the show is only in its second Australian season, it would show other women that they’re capable of successfully completing the show.

While former fellow Olympian Jessica Peris also came very close to completing the course, she left earlier this week after meeting the end of her tether during a log-pulling challenge.

The DS (directing staff) Ant Middleton praised her efforts, and told her she had been his morale throughout the course and that he was proud of her, especially given she had opened up about her serious mental health struggles while undertaking the course.

Ant addressing the dwindling recruits. (Credit: Seven)

The remaining recruits are Sam, John, and Jana, as well as actor Dan Ewing and former tennis pro Mark Philippoussis.

The final recruit will be selected and celebrated at next week’s finale, so stay tuned!

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