SAS Australia: Ant Middleton says S2 cast “pushed my buttons”

The elite ex-special forces soldier weighs in on the new celebrity contestants.
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SAS Australia returns later this year and with it, a whole new range of celebrities embracing the cold and harsh wilderness and heavy-handed obstacle courses for a good cause.

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Last year, former Bachelor Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, comedian Merrick Watts and AFLW player Sabrina Frederick were the only ones who made it through the entire SAS Australia course, and it sounds like the obstacles next season will be just as rough.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, elite ex-special forces soldier Ant Middleton described the new season as “some tears [and] some aggression.”

SAS Australia
SAS Australia’s Ant Middleton said some contestants this season “still pushed my buttons.” (Credit: Instagram.)

“There’s been some tears, there’s been aggression,” Ant said before clarifying, “but I shut them down straight away.”

“You get a different setting, a different group of people and personalities and it’s gonna be a different show, but a lot of people still pushed my buttons.”

Unlike other reality TV shows like Dancing With The Stars or the rumoured return of Celebrity Big Brother, SAS Australia strips celebrities of their glitz and glam and social title. Instead, it’s a show about brute strength and tenacity, as Ant explained.

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“Ultimately what we’re doing is we’re pushing them to find out who the true person is, especially with these celebrities, they come on with these false persona and multiple masks and from day one we rip them off,” he told the radio station.

“We put the mirror in front of them and go, ‘this is who you are. Accept it or don’t.’

“A lot of people look at that mirror and they go, ‘you know what, I don’t like what I see. I’m out of here, I want to go back to my fake life and my celebrity lifestyle where everything is done for me and everything is put on a plate for me.’ But then you also get people who say, ‘you know what, I need this. I actually need to get back to the true me. I need people to treat me like a human, I need to be treated like I’m not a celebrity.’”

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Last year, Merrick took home the SAS Australia title, not long before a quick trip to McDonalds.

“We went straight to Maccas and had a massive thick shake,” he told Now To Love. “That was definitely the first thing we did when we left.”

Three months post-filming, Merrick said that it had taken a while for his body to recover.

“I still have some niggling injuries. I had two fractured ribs and impact damage on my back.

“The thing that is unseen from a viewers perspective is we have completely exhausted our bodies and actually changed the physiology of bodies because they’ve gone into a survival mode. We lost muscle and became very skinny.”

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