EXCLUSIVE: Sonia Kruger’s Holey Moley confession

“I’m one of the worst golfers ever.”
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Despite hosting new golfing game show Holey Moley, Sonia Kruger admits she barely knows one end of a club from the other!

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“I’m one of the worst golfers ever,” she tells WHO ahead of the show’s launch.

“The first time I was asked to play, it was for a celebrity tournament. It was pouring rain; I looked like a miserable, drowned rat and this guy said to me afterwards, ‘Pretty tough out there, huh?’ I was like, ‘Yes, you think?!’ Then I looked up and it was [golfer] Greg Norman!”

Years later, Kruger, 55, is encountering Norman once again – he’s Holey Moley’s resident golf pro.

“I haven’t mentioned the last time we met to him,” she laughs. Instead, the two are too busy focusing on the new show that, Kruger says, is one of the craziest she’s ever been involved with.

“I’m one of the worst golfers ever.” (Credit: Instagram)

What can you tell us about Holey Moley?

Well, it can’t really be classified as work, I’m in a giant golfing theme park essentially.

Why did you want to get involved?

Initially, when I first started talking to James Warburton about coming back to Seven, it was the show I was most interested in doing. It’s brand new, it’s hilarious and Rob Riggle is a genius – and so I was really excited to be involved with it. Then Big Brother came along and it took me out of the picture. But luckily for me, COVID-19 delayed filming on Holey Moley so then it started in October in Brisbane and I was able to do it. I was really stoked. It’s a show I can watch with [my 5-year-old daughter] Maggie. She’s going to love it. Then it has this whole other subtext of humour for Mum and Dad. So there’s stuff everyone can laugh at … there’s so much humour. It’s very, very funny.

Sonia joins Matt ‘Shirvo’ Shirvington and Rob Riggle on Holey Moley. (Credit: Seven)

Are contestants made up of celebrities?

No, it’s everyday people. The casting of this show is extraordinary because there’s some very eccentric cast members and yet they’re all really brilliant golfers. There’s one guy who’s a sheep farmer, then you learn his backstory and find out he’s played golf with Tiger Woods. There are some really incredible golfers – it will make you want to play.

Why will people enjoy the show?

After the year that we’ve had, to provide something that is just pure entertainment, offers escapism and makes us laugh out loud is what we need.

What are your thoughts on how Big Brother went last year?

There’s a special place in people’s hearts and minds for that show. The season we’ve just finished shooting now, if you thought there was drama in the first one, wait until you see this. The people are really playing the game hard, they watched the last season and they know they have to make friends fast and get people on side. Boy does it turn fast though, there are some major blindsides throughout the season. There’s a whole bunch of surprises and twists – it’s a really great season.

Holey Moley is a show Sonia can watch with her five-year-old daughter Maggie and reveals “she’s going to love it.” (Credit: Instagram)

What’s downtime like for you?

I hope to hang out on the Gold Coast, pack up the car and do a little bit of a road trip with Maggie and the dog – she’s still a puppy. Maggie is [almost 6] and going to big school. I went to her school orientation and I cried three times. One thing the pandemic has done is that it has made us really appreciate our own country. I just want to hang out on the Goldy, like I did when I was a kid, live in a pair of swimmers and shorts and not wear any shoes – that kind of vibe.

How does it feel to be the busiest woman on Australian TV?

It’s crazy. I was shooting Big Brother right up until the Monday before Christmas. Even with COVID-19, 2020 was crazy busy – they like to work me hard. I’m lucky though, I know.

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