Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman: “I love old Hollywood glamour”

The stunning actress spills on the moments she feels her sexiest.
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“I love old Hollywood glamour,” says Home and Away star Sophie Dillman, 27. “It’s got an incredibly sexy vibe.”

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That was the look the actress, who plays Summer Bay’s Ziggy Astoni, was channelling in her third appearance in Who’s Sexiest issue.

“Every time I’ve taken part I’ve got to embrace and explore a different look for Sexiest and I love that,” she says.

Sophie Dillman
Home and Away star Sophie Dillman admits she loves “old Hollywood glamour”. (Credit: Philip Castleton)

What do you think is sexy about your outfit?

It’s a very different look for me. Away from work, I usually wear very little makeup. So to glam up like this, rock the split and the heels, you can’t help but feel very sexy, and that’s what I love about this. 

Sophie Dillman
Sophie is at her most confident during a tough workout. (Credit: Instagram)

When do you feel at your sexiest?

I actually love how I feel both when I’m barefoot at the beach and also when I’m glammed up like I am today. It’s great, and it’s important to dress up a bit if it makes you feel good, too, especially after having dressed down for so long due to the pandemic. But whatever you wear, if you feel good in yourself, you’ll feel confident and that’s sexy.

When are you at your most confident?

When I get my blood pumping with a good workout. I like to work out hard most days.

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(Credit: WHO)

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