Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy just had their break-up interview

And yes, it was all kinds of awkward.

Since announcing their split over the weekend, Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy have continued to confuse just about everybody. 

First, Stu came forward saying that he only found out about the break up on Instagram, then KIIS FM host Kyle Sandilands blamed the split on Stu and his disappearing act, and now, the couple has done a joint interview together. 


Basically, on Kyle and Jackie O the hosts managed to get Stu on the phone, before calling Sophie at the same time.

During the chat, Stu reitterated that he was “Insta-dumped.” Sophie then joked, “I think you guys are doing couples therapy now.”

On whether they’ll be able to work things out, Soph responded: “I don’t know! Here’s the thing: Everything is so heightened with media as well. Like one minute you have an argument, then next minute it’s everywhere – you know, you’ve broken up. It’s just so unusual, the whole thing.” 

The pair then addressed each other, with Laundy saying: “Soph, like I said over the weekend, I have a feeling we’ll always be best of mates. At the end of the day, you make me laugh probably more than any girl ever. So there’s no way in the world I wanna lose that.”

“Oh, same,” Sophie replied, before adding, “What the hell are we doing? It’s such an unusual circumstance to be in. They create drama in media sometimes, and then you believe it too. Or you start arguing over it – it’s ridiculous.”

“There’s a level of scrutiny, I guess, that I might have to expect,” Laundy replied, “but the levels I’ve seen are just out of this world.”

Sophie then joked that she’d sent the radio show an invoice as she’d been asked to do a paid break up interview and declined. 

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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