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It’s hard to believe that the animated comedy series South Park has been on air for more than 25 years. 

For more than 300 episodes across 26 seasons, no topic has been off limits to the co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone as they have satirized a wide spectrum of social, cultural, and political issues.

The critically acclaimed series follows the often bizarre misadventures of ten-year-old best friends Eric Cartman, Stanley Marsh, Kyle Broflovsky, and Kenny McCormick (when he hasn’t been momentarily killed off) and a cohort of equally unhinged side characters.

While often controversial, the series has served as a source of both humour and social-political perspective on current events. 

This of course is delivered in true South Park style with the use of slapstick humour, scathing jokes, carnivalesque and absurdist comedy, offhand pop-cultural references, numerous running gags, and of course the satirical portrayal of various celebrities and public figures.

South Park first premiered in 1997. (Credit: Paramount) (Credit: Paramount)

What is the new South Park special?

The new South Park exclusive event is titled South Park: The End of Obesity and will premiere in Australia exclusively on Paramount+.

According to the official synopsis for the special, “The advent of new weight loss drugs has a huge impact on everyone in South Park. When Cartman is denied access to the life-changing medicine, the kids jump into action.”

Presumably, the 60-minute streaming event is a response to the diabetes drug Ozempic that has taken Hollywood (and the rest of the world) by storm.

South Park: The End of Obesity is the seventh ‘special’ in the South Park universe. (Credit: Paramount) (Credit: Paramount)

Where can I watch South Park in Australia?

South Park: The End of Obesity can be streamed exclusively in Australia on Paramount+.

South Park: Post Covid, South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, South Park: The Streaming Wars, South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2, South Park: Joining The Panderverse and South Park (Not Suitable for Children) are also available to stream exclusively on Paramount+.

All 26 seasons of South Park can also be streamed on Paramount+ while seasons one to 23 can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

Stream South Park on Paramount Plus from $9.99/mth, with a 7-day free trial. 


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