Travis Kelce Confirmed to Join Ryan Murphy’s Upcoming Horror Series

Everything we know about 'Grotesquerie' so far.

Despite Kim Kardashian’s first season of American Horror Story only just having come to an end, creator Ryan Murphy has already commenced work on his latest horror spin-off series, Grotesquerie. 

Set outside the American Horror Story universe, the series will provide an entirely new format for Ryan’s trademark spooky storytelling.

While the franchise’s favourite recurring stars will not be taking part in the upcoming series, that doesn’t mean it will be without star power, with Travis Kelce now confirmed to be joining the cast. 

With a cryptic new teaser and behind-the-scenes glimpses starting to roll through, keep scrolling to find out everything we know about Grotesquerie so far. 

What is Grotesquerie about? 

Although details of Ryan Murphy’s latest horror series have been kept a closely guarded secret, it has been reported that the series will take place outside the American Horror Story universe. 

While fans have yet to catch a glimpse of any on-set action, the cryptic teaser for the project featured a voiceover that recounted the haunting events of a crime scene. 

“There’s been a shift. It’s like something’s opening up in the world,” the voiceover began. “What I saw today… they sent shrinks for everyone who worked this crime scene… I keep needing to hear your answers because something’s happening around us and nobody sees but me.” 

Ryan Murphy shared the first cryptic teaser of the series to Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

Is Travis Kelce joining the cast of Grotesquerie? 

After weeks of speculation, Travis Kelce has confirmed that he will be joining the cast of Grotesquerie. 

Discussing his new career move on his New Heights podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs star said, “I was kind of blown away and shocked that [Ryan Murphy] was willing to give me a role like this because it is a big role in the show.” 

Despite keeping the details of his role vague, Travis remained open about his experience so far, sharing, “It’s been so much fun… Everybody’s just been so helpful in making me feel comfortable.”

Grotesquerie star Niecy Nash-Betts shared the first on-set snap with Travis Kelce in May 2024. (Credit: Instagram)

Who is the cast of Grotesquerie?

Alongside Travis Kelce, Grotesquerie has packed some serious star power into its ensemble cast. 

While their roles in the series are currently unknown, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story star Neicy Nash-Betts and The Crown’s Lesley Manville have joined the horror series alongside Space Cowboys’ Courtney B. Vance, Alone’s Les Mahoney, and Grey’s Anatomy star Tessa Ferrer. 

When is the Grotesquerie release date? 

Despite the intense secrecy surrounding the production, Deadline has reported that Grotesquerie will premiere in late 2024. 

American Horror Story regulars Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will not be returning for Ryan Murphy’s latest horror. (Credit: FX)

Where to watch Grotesquerie

While Australian streaming information has yet to be confirmed, based on current distribution, we can anticipate that Grotesquerie will be available to watch on BINGE and Disney+. 

If you want to catch up on Ryan Murphy’s previous horror anthology, you can stream every series of American Horror Story now on Disney+.

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