Top End Wedding is Getting a New Sequel Series

Everything you need to know about the new spin-off series.
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Five years after Lauren and Ned’s journey to their nuptials hit our screens, the cast of Top End Wedding has announced that they will be returning to continue the next chapter of the couple’s romantically comedic love story.  

Commencing production in May 2024, Top End Bub is an eight-part series that will serve as a sequel to the original film. Created by star Miranda Tapsell, the series will reunite audiences with Lauren and Ned, played by Gwilym Lee, as they kick-start their new city life in Adelaide, South Australia. 

What is Top End Bub about?

After discovering the tragic news that Lauren’s eight-year-old niece is orphaned, the couple reluctantly leave behind their cosmopolitan life in the big city for the Northern Territory to help raise Lauren’s niece.

As they begin to readjust to their new life, Lauren and Ned are gifted with another unexpected surprise, discovering that they will soon be transforming from husband and wife to mum and dad… 

Miranda Tapsell returns to the Top End as Lauren. (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Who is the cast of Top End Bub?

Top End Bub will see Miranda Tapsell and Gwilym Lee reprise their roles as Lauren and Ned. 

Speaking on their return to the world of Top End WeddingMiranda told Prime Video, “Words can’t describe how excited I am to bring Lauren, Ned, and the Top End back to your screens! We all love a happy ending, but what happens after happily ever after? We can’t wait for you to find out.”

Returning to reprise their roles as Lauren’s parents Daffy and Trevor are Ursula Yovich and Huw Higginson, with Shari Sebbens returning as Ronelle alongside Elaine Crombie as Dana, and Tracy Mann as Ned’s mother Annie. 

Joining the journey to the Top End are Australian stars Rob Collins, Brooke Satchwell, Guy Simon, and Clarence Ryan. 

While the details of the new characters are currently under wraps, Prime Video has shared that screenwriter Joshua Tyler will be collaborating with Miranda to bring the story to life. 

“It’s been fun to dive back into the world of Top End Wedding – a world that means so much to us and to our audience. A romantic setting full of funny characters who face heartbreaking challenges in heartwarming ways. I am thrilled to be collaborating with such an incredible team,” said Joshua. 

Top End Bub will see Lauren and Ned’s love story return to the Northern Territory. (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Where to watch Top End Bub

While there may still be a while to wait until Top End Bub hits our screens, it has been confirmed that the series will be available to stream in Australia and New Zealand on Prime Video following its 2025 release. 

In the meantime, you can catch up on the story of Lauren and Ned on Prime Videowith Top End Wedding now available to rent or buy. 


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