Suri Cruise photographed catching a cab in New York

The daughter of superstar Tom Cruise is very, very grown up
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What were you doing when you were 12?

Whatever it was, it’s unlikely you were wearing a US$900 ($A1,300) Burberry trench coat, and hailing a cab in the middle of a busy city.

“Taxi!” (Credit: SplashNews.com)

But, growing up in the Big Apple, Suri – the daughter of Katie Holmes and movie superstar Tom Cruise – isn’t exactly leading the laid back Aussie lifestyle. It’s not that uncommon to see very young kids riding the subway alone or hailing cabs, in scenes that most Aussie parents would find shocking. 

Enjoying the company of a girl crew who clearly share her taste in fashion and love of florals and pink, Suri seemed in charge as the trio giggled over something on her phone, ran down the street and hailed a cab.

Ready to roll! (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Where were they going? Perhaps Burberry?

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