The Bachelorette’s Taite Radley moves on with new girl

The winner of the 2018 season has moved on from his break up with Ali Oetjen.
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Bachelorette winner Taite Radley has become Instagram official with new partner, business owner Chelsea Fenech.

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The pair shared a series of cute selfies, captioned only with a range of cute emojis.

The comments section is filled with support from fans and red heart emojis.

Taite Radley Chelsea Fenech
Taite Radley and Chelsea Fenech are Instagram official. (Credit: Instagram)

“Love this, wish you nothing but happiness xx” one wrote.

“She’s very beautiful…!!” another one said.

“My heart is smiling right now,” wrote a third.

Taite Radley Chelsea Fenech
Chelsea Fenech is a Melbourne-based business owner. (Credit: Instagram)

Taite and Chelsea have also appeared in each other’s Instagram Stories, dancing together at the gym and sharing a kiss.

Chelsea is the founder of baby and kids goods brand, The Junior Edit, and has hinted at an upcoming business called Simply Self.

The new relationship comes after Taite’s heartbreaking split from ex-girlfriend Ali Oetjen last year whom he met on The Bachelorette in 2018.

Taite Radley Ali Oetjen
Ali and Taite began their relationship on the 2018 season of The Bachelorette. (Credit: Network Ten)

The reality TV couple broke up in July 2020 after two years together, beginning when Ali chose him in the season four finale over runner-up Todd King.

They even started a business together during their relationship, Sweaty AF, which is now run solely by Taite.

Taite and Ali’s emotional break up was marked with a similar Instagram post from both, where they stated that they “only want the best for each other & both want the ultimate happiness for each other and hopefully our paths will reconnect again soon.”

Ali Oetjen Taite Radley
The couple broke up in mid-2020. (Credit: Instagram)

Ali was candid about the break up, posting a video of herself crying about the split in September.

She then went on to participate in the first season of SAS Australia, which she said played a part in her healing.

“[SAS Australia] was certainly a good distraction and in saying that, going into SAS I didn’t get nervous – there wasn’t a huge build-up and anticipation for me because I wasn’t really thinking about it,” Ali told Woman’s Day last year.

Ali Oetjen SAS Australia
Ali appeared on the first season of SAS Australia in 2020. (Credit: Channel Seven)

The show also saw her opening up about her breakup.

“I still think he is my soulmate; our timelines are different,” she said during a grilling by directing staff during filming of the show.

“I kind of feel a bit empty,” she confessed.

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Ali has since admitted she is apprehensive about dating again while speaking on Nova’s How To … Life podcast.

“It really actually scares me now. You think something’s it and then it doesn’t turn out to be what you were hoping or what you were thinking, even throughout the relationship. I’ve never had any relationship hurt so bad, so I guess it’s still healing,” she said.

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