Is Izzy this year’s Bachelor dark horse?

The bubbly Queenslander is one to watch.

Ah, isn’t watching The Bachelor quite the journey, hey?

First, we establish a very clear front runner (just listen for the fairytale-esque music and lo-o-o-ong, rather sentimental opening scene as she exits the limo to meet the year’s Bachie).

Then, we suss out the “villains” (both painted and not-so-painted), and then of course comes the first kiss, then the intruders, then the first blindside elimination and woah slow down would ya, producers?!

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It’s all part and parcel to the show of course, but every year, we never fail to be sucked into the Bachie vortex of hedging our bets on one woman, only to find that there’s a completely different woman we should have been watching the whole time.

In the case of the 2020 Aussie Bachelor season, we’re looking at one person here – Izzy Sharman-Firth.

Yep, the gorgeous, long haired beauty is a brand-new frontrunner to take out the final rose – and there’s one unexpected reason why we reckon that’s exactly so.

We have a new frontrunner in our midst! (Credit: Network 10)

In pictures obtained by the Daily Mail, it looks like Locky Gilbert’s final five women were ~accidentally~ revealed as the pap snaps revealed five stunners walking into a tense rose ceremony with the 6’5 Survivor star.

For the sake of keeping some things spoil free, we won’t tell you every woman seen in the pics (though if you’re into that kind of reality self sabotage, you can find out here), there was one woman in the pics we will stop and take notice of.

Lo and behold, it’s none other than Izzy – so we decided to take a little peep into who exactly she is.

Locky may not have been too keen on Izzy’s chillies, but he was certainly taken with her. (Credit: Network 10)

Izzy is a 29-year-old Queenslander currently working as an HR consultant.

Reigning from Brisbane, Australia, her LinkedIn profile reveals she has worked as a People & Culture Partner at a telecommunications firm for more than two years.

Before that, she was a sales manager at Fitness First Australia, as well as working small stints in other tech companies.

It seems she’s got plenty of brains along with her undeniable beauty.

She studied at RMIT gaining a graduate certificate in HR management, and before that, she got an associate degree in law from Southern Cross University.

Izzy taking bubbly to a whole new level. (Credit: Network 10)

Going by Izzy’s Instagram, it looks like she and Locky have a few shared interests in the adventure-sphere.

Hiking shots, scenic climbs and even a paragliding pic suggest she and the Bachelor might just hit it off over a mutual love of the outdoors.

And with that, we henceforth pen a third frontrunner next to Irena and Bella as the Bachelor season continues.

Stay tuned…

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